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Feb 20, 2007 08:13 AM

[DFW] Fort Worth – Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (Mexican) Review

VISITED: 2/18/07, Sunday @ Lunch ~ 12:30pm

AMBIENCE: Just a little hole in the wall painted with bright colors. Open kitchen and open layout. Very casual. Lots of TV’s all over the place with bass fishing, gymnastics, drag races etc…

SERVICE: No table service. Order at the counter and pick up from the kitchen.

PRICE: ~$20.00 for two

Taco Plate: Comes with two tacos and beans of your choice plus rice – I ordered the shredded pork soft tacos and refried beans and the BF ordered Veggie tacos with black beans. The shredded pork was served in a warm corn tortilla and topped with lettuce and tomatoes. The pork was very tender, tasty and plentiful. The refried beans were rich and heavy, just as they should be! I was so absorbed in my tacos, that I forgot to look and see what veggies the BF’s tacos had, but he devoured them and said they were good. The standout here was the black beans. They came as whole beans in a cup with the slightly spicy bean juice swirling around them. Very yummy. We also had soft drinks.

I will totally be back here when in FW. The best part was that you could order your version of anything – mix and match, add stuff on, take stuff off. Menu was full of Mexican specialties and they have beer - bottled and draft.


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  1. Fuzzys is great. The original is on Berry just east of university, with a new location on race street in east Fort Worth. Try the tempura fish tacos, the shrimp quesadilla, and the guacamole & queso . The fish tacos have a bit of feta cheese on top of them that is different, but good. looks like I found what's for dinner.

    Good times,

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      OH YEAH!! That's what I forgot, I knew there was something! The feta cheese on the tacos... sounds strange, but very yummy.

    2. Yeah, the original across the street from the TCU bookshop. Good times.


      1. I went to the original Fuzzy's this afternoon. I got the soft tempura fish taco and the garlic shredded beef soft taco. For a Sunday afternoon, this place was packed and service a little on the slow side. The tempura fish was not tempura. It was just battered. It was very good. The garlic shredded beef taco was a little on the dry side, not bad though by any means.

        Overall, I'm glad I tried out this place and would rate the food an A-.