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Help me use up my rosemary

I bought a bunch of rosemary for a dinner party that never was (that ice storm in the Northeast was a pain), and now I'm on a quest to use it up before it goes bad.

Last night I made rosemary crackers from this post (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/278744) and they are delicious. But I still have quite a bit.

I know I can freeze it, but I'm just looking for some ideas for things I can make with it.


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  1. Rosemary/brown butter sauce for pasta
    Marcella's chickpea and tomato soup - has rosemary
    Use it in a marinade for skirt steak or stuff in a chicken

    Good luck!

    1. Here's one option that I've used before - slice a few varieties of potatoes (usually a combo of sweet, red bliss and yukon gold but can vary based on preference) about 1/4inch or so thick and toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper, some chopped rosemary and roast them in a single layer until tender and browned. Really great as a side dish and pretty simple.

      1. How about making rosemary jelly? I haven't made it in several years. In addition to the jelly ingredients you can stick a piece of branch in each jar. Very nice on biscuits and I've also used instead of regular jelly for jam thumbprints. Anything left over should dry very easily.

        1. I second the rosemary potatoes!

          I also love any kind of bread with rosemary - especially focaccia. I have a recipe for focaccia bagels here: http://dailyunadventures.blogspot.com...

          Also, I made a feta spread\dip with rosemary the other day that worked out well:

          Other good things to do with rosemary? I love it with lamb... lamb shanks especially!

            1. Mmm... I love rosemary!

              Two of my favorite recipes with rosemary, one a 'cheater' recipe:

              Cheese and Rosemary Breadsticks http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/cda/r...

              Stracoto (or any roast, for that matter) http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/cda/r...

                1. use in a marinade with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and garlic for steak or lamb, or add some chopped to roasted squash.
                  a more fussy thing to do is to pull of the needles and use the stems as skewers for cooking scallops wrapped in bacon.
                  most bang for your buck is probably to infuse a whole lot of extra virgin olive oil with it (and possibly some garlic or other herbs). then you have an easy, fragrant oil base for salad dressings, sauteeing, marinades, bread dipping, etc.

                  1. Place sprigs under your pillow. It will help you sleep.

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                      That is so charming! I love this idea!

                    2. Make an apple tart with minced rosemary for flavouring, it works beautifully. Make a little one as an experiment if you are not sure if you will like it.


                      1. rosemary mayo or aoli.

                        rosemary is one herb that really lends itself well to drying - even though i have several large bushes outside i always pick some branches off to let dry - days to weeks - depends on moisture in the air, then crumble into a jar. dried rosemary works so well in most recipes for me that i usually only use the fresh for roasts and stews.

                        1. link here for quick easy way to use it on tuna steak, also yummy on pork chops

                          1. Rosemary shortbread. They're sweet and crumbly, and the rosemary provides unexpected depth. I can post the recipe when I get home if anyone's interested.

                            1. This rosemary shortbread is realy - um - unexpected, and certainly grew on me. Just make sure to make the walnuts small enough and don't use too many, or this crumbly shortbread will fall apart. And I used fresh grated parm, and it was really strong.


                              1. Someone recently mentioned a delicious-sounding Rosemary Gin Fizz on here, but I can't find the link to the Chowhound thread. Here's the link to the Food and Wine recipe: http://foodandwine.com/recipes/rosema...

                                Also in pseudo-Greek turkey meatballs, to which I add feta and plenty of rosemary.

                                1. Years ago there was a coffee shop that has since closed (fell victim to the ubiquity of Starbucks) that used to serve a coffee cake made with olive oil and rosemary. It was a sweet, not savory, cake and really moist and delicious, the topping was a very crunchy sprinkling of large granulated sugar. I WISH I had the recipe, I believe it was a Tuscan delicacy...but then again it was the '90s, and everything unexpected was branded "Tuscan" then. I found something that looked similar in Bon Appetit, but it turned out horribly.