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Feb 20, 2007 07:13 AM

Any reviews on EM's in SLC?

Em's restaurant, formerly located by the Rio Grande, is now up by the Capitol. I am thinking about taking a client there for dinner this weekend. Searched for any reviews, but didn't find any on CHowhounds. Anyone out there tried Em's?

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  1. I don't know Em's. Depends on the client obviously, but if it were me, and my guest were even the least bit a foodie I would head to Faustina. Sign up for Rewards Network to get 20% kicked back to your credit card.

    1. My only complaint about Em's is that they have wonky hours. Even they say they will be open, sometimes they've closed completely for a private event/reception. Make reservations if plan on going.

      Otherwise, I like the vibe. Very casual, but sophisticated enough. The dining room is small and the menu matches. It focuses mostly on seasonal food stuffs, very comforting, but skillfully done. Some folks complain about the prices, but they use mostly organic/local/sustainable, that I can see the justification in cost. The pastas are usually quite good. Service can be spotty. But then again, it usually is everywhere in this town.

      1. Hmmm...I'm not sure I want to go there with clients now. I think I will wait and try it out with my hub first. So we JUST went to Faustina last week, have any other suggestions? I haven't been to Cucina Toscana lately, but had a friend who complained about a meal there recently. We need to try and stick to the downtown area...

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          Cucina Toscana has only been so-so for me. i like their pasta and risotto, but i find their meat to be a bit bland. when our entire table ordered different entrees, they all looked like they had the same sauce on them. and the service is really spotty. it's not fun when you're ignored the whole night while a VIP table a few feet over has the whole staff fawning over them.

          I like the bar area at the Metropolitan. A little more low key. But if it's formality you're going for, the dining room is fine, too. the new culinary team (no exec chef here) seems to be doing well. Depending on what time you go, I like Takashi, especially for a business lunch. If the client is even into heartier food, Vienna Bistro is a nice option—usually quiet, lunch of dinner, good Austrian fare, not a bad wine list either.