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Feb 20, 2007 06:55 AM

"House" Wine Recommendations

For special meals, etc. I'll splurge on a nice Barolo, boutique Ontario wines,etc, but for everyday quaffing I usually go with the Ruffino Orvieto (white) and Osborne Solaz Shiraz Tempranillo. What's your recommendation for a personal "House/condo/apt." wine?

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  1. house red - Rabbitz have been drinking riojas chez nous since last trip to Spain... not too brand loyal as long as it stays around $15 /bottle for everyday swill.

    house white - I buy riesling, and I like Inniskillin just fine, thanks.

    house bubbles - I buy segura viudas. M. Rab buys cordoniu (again, that Spanish thing).

    When we splash out, we break into the Bordeaux collection (favor pauillac or pomerol), or drink pink (champers... I like Laurent-Perrier).

    1. Depends what I'm eating...

      For lamb, and rich "meaty" dishes, I've been drinking DeKrans 2004 Red Stone Reserve (blend of Touriga Nacional and Cab Sauv). This wine was discounted at the LCBO some time back, and I bought tonnes. Great long finish with balanced tannic structure.

      For some heavy pasta/cheese dishes, I'm partial to Ontario Baco's, and sway toward Henry of Pelham, which I have found to be the most consistently good.

      1. I am not a wine snob. For everyday drinking, when really all I want is something easy to drink and cheap, I like Farnese Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, $7 for a 750ml bottle. I discovered it because it's also the house red at Terroni, maybe it's just the atmosphere there, but we always end up ordering more.

        1. Used to really enjoy a white from Chile...Ochagavia for about $9...haven't seen it in the LCBO for a few years though

          1. Definitely not a wine snob. Just learning really. We like to experiment and buy different wines - sometimes this results in a pleasant surprise, sometimes it results in spitting it out into the sink. So we like to keep a few reliable bottles around just in case our adventure fails.
            We really like Cave des Papes Heritage Cotes-du-Rhone - it's around $15.
            Something else to consider - I know most of you out there will cringe at the thought - for good value and for being good to the environment, for an everyday wine French Rabbit Cabernet Sauvignon in the tetra pack works for us. It's around $13 for 1000ml (instead of 750) - and it's great for canoe trips! (I'm not sure I would ever serve it to guests though...)