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Feb 20, 2007 06:26 AM

Silent H is open and its great!

Went to Silent H this weekend and I am amazed, its a great addition to Williamsburg. My GF and I had the Lemongrass Shrimp Cakes, Veggied Street Toast, Máh’s Imperial Spring Rolls from the apps menu and spilt the “Banh Xeo” Vietnamese Crepe from the main dish menu. Everything was amazing and service was great and the place was already packed on Saturday night at 7:30p! Check out the webpage:

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  1. I'm always looking for good food close to home, and so i was really excited when i read this. but -- i just called to see if i could make a reservation for tonight, and i got a message that said that the joint is closed "until further notice." They offered to send you an email when it opened up again, if you gave them your address.

    does anyone know what the deal is? some sort of license issue? the menu looks quite good.

    1. I called yesterday and spoke to the owner who said there were permit problems that they hoped to have sorted out hopefully in ten days or so. I got the impression talking to him that they never opened at all. But maybe they were open Saturday (the day that had been publicized on

      Looks like they did a nice job with the old Oznot's space. Looking forward to trying it.

      1. Ooph I can't wait. . . the thought of a banh mi within spitting distance has me drooling. And from what I've seen (from peering in through the half-opened windows) it does look like a great reinvention of Oznot's space.

        1. I walked by this morning and yep, its closed for the time being. I guess i was lucky to try it out last Saturday. If anyone here's of it reopening, let us know! Sorry to get your hope up. But soon.....

          1. Any word on whether they've sorted out their permit problems?

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              Its open. Went again last night and had the pork chops this time. Nothing on the menu has been bad, its great having this place around the corner!