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Feb 20, 2007 06:24 AM

Any Advice? In Columbia, SC for the week...

...and need some dinner (only) reccs!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hampton St. Vineyard Bistro - eclectic - downtown
    Motor Supply - eclectic -Vista
    Inakaya - sushi - St. Andrews area
    Mr. Friendly's - southern maverick? - Five Points
    Restaruante Divino's - Northern Italian - vista
    Garibaldi's - (love the signature flonder dish) Five Points

    Not knowing the area of town you will be in or your prefrences, this list is a start. If you have more specifics like ethnic, let us know. Hope you enjoy your time here. Try to catch the zoo, some nice riverfront parks, etc.

    1. DiPrato's on Pickens Street for lunch. A seasonal special is chili in a cornbread bowl - if it's on the menu do try it! Their pimiento cheese is the best anywhere. Everything's good.

      Fun little out-of-the-way spot the locals enjoy is Vella's Deli on Knox Abbott Drive. Wednesday night special is 1/2 rack ribs with salad and baked potato @ $9.00 great deal! Makes two meals for me. Try their raw fries with blue cheese.