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Storing fresh Mozzerela cheese?

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Hi! I bought the gargantuon size fresh moz cheese in Costco (balls of cheese in water). Needless to say, I cannot use it all at once, and I was wondering, once opened, how to I keep the unused cheese? Keep it in the water?


p.s. it really is much better than the store-bought crumbly stuff!

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  1. how big IS it?
    I have never had this problem as I have never been able not to eat the entire thing, but most of the fresh mozz I have seen is no bigger than fist size.

    1. Light brine, or half milk/half water, lightly salted if you like. Most importantly, change it every day or two - fresh mozz really just doesn't keep very well and not changing the water quickens the deterioration process.

      1. (It sounds like the OP has a large container with multiple individual pieces of cheese, not a huge piece of cheese.)

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          Yes, sorry I was not clear. It's a huge container with brine, containing about 5 or 6 fist-size balls of cheese.

          Oops I did not change the water every day...

        2. Best to buy what you will eat in a day. Refrigerating ruins the texture.

          1. If you must keep for a while, change the water every day or so.

            1. "Oops I did not change the water every day..."

              If it gets to feeling at all "slimey" on the surface of the cheese or the interior of the container, invite a lot of people over and use it quick - at that point it's really a race against gross-ness.

              In case you hadn't thought of it, use a clean metal or plastic utensil to remove what you want at a time - no hands, wood not ideal - and close it right up again, too.

              1. best to eat the mozzarella right away--storing it in the refrigerator changes the texture and taste-and changing the water is important or the cheese goes bad pretty quickly

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                  I am pretty sure it is still edible. Can I freeze it or otherwise save it for longer-term?
                  Thanks again.