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Feb 20, 2007 04:39 AM

Abacrombie, Timothy Dean's, or Trattoria Alberto?

Where should we go to dinner tomorrow night?

We've been to Trattoria Alberto before. One of the few places where we walked out of there saying "I was happy to pay that much and don't begrudge a penny." (Usually, at the end of the meal we play the "What was this meal *really* worth game" and end up feeling like we overpaid for the quality.) It was a joy from start to finish. But should we try something new instead?

Never been to Timothy Dean's or Abacrombie. A former waitress myself, servers in the weeds, bad servers, indifferent or overbearing service make me nuts and I obsess over them rather than enjoy the meal. I read from the boards that TDs has service issues, but those comments are 8-12 months old. Any newer info anyone can share? How would you compare the quality of food to Trattoria Alberto?

Tomorrow is 1/2 price wine night at Amacrombie, and I'm eyeing their tasting menu complete with wine. Anyone have anything to say about it? Plus, we can walk the two blocks to it from my house, which is definitely a bonus. Nothing at the BSO tomorrow night, so can avoid the symphony crowds. Any direct comparisons to Trattoria Alberto would be appreciated, as I ought to make the decision on the food, not the convenience!

Many thanks to the 'Hounds in the know.


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  1. been to td appx. 4 months ago. heard that the chef has finally taken a hands on approach to running the kitchen. food was very good but very expensive. i think we left out of there for 2 people for $200. service was competent. this was a week night though. abacrombie haven't been.

    1. We very much enjoyed Timothy Dean's -- every bite -- but felt Abacrombie was unimpressive and not worth the prices.

      1. Very, very happy to hear your good report on Trattoria Alberto. I haven't darkened their door since a horrible experience there several years ago and I'm sorry to say that I have told more than a few people about it. Others had had bad meals too around the same time.

        I'm going to give it another try based on your recommendation. They've been there a long time so maybe they've been doing something right.

        1. agreed that abacrombie wasn't worth the price and totally unimpressive....

          1. I have to chime in with just the opposite opinion.
            I think for overall experience Abacrombie offers th ebest experience in town. This includes food, service, etc.
            Next on my list would be Trattoria.
            Lastly, anytime someone suggests TD, I suggest another venue. Food is solid, but service and general attitude of staff from owner down is something I'd rather avoid.