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very disappointing meal at john andrews (south egremont)

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my fiance and i went to john andrews sunday night because of all of the love and high praise it gets from people on this board. i have to say, it was one of the most disappointing meals i've ever had.

we arrived on time for our 8 pm reservation. the restaurant was pretty full. if you've never been inside, it's very nice. it looks like someone's house that had the first floor transformed into a restaurant. the walls are painted red, there is a small bar and loungish area and then two rooms for dining. we sat in the back room at an awkward table in the middle of the room (awkward because it was kinda in the middle of the room, kinda near the window, and always getting hit by servers).

i started with a glass of aglianico which i think had been sitting out a little too long but i let it slide. pretty glad i did because it eventually opened up and wasnt that bad. my fiance had a reisling which she really liked.

after waiting a good 10 minutes, our waiter came back and we ordered the fried oyster salad and the fettuccini with mushrooms as appetizers; i ordered the pork chop and she the roast chicken for our entrees. our waiter assured us that the appetizers wouldnt come at the same time. in fact, he made a return trip to our table to tell us they wouldnt. needless to say, they came at the same time, which was annoying because the table wasnt big enough to share them (and they didnt bring sharing plates for us to eat off until we asked).

the fried oyster salad was just that, fried oysters on top of greens with anchovy dressing. nothing special unfortunately. the fried oysters were good, not great, but the greens were wilted and the anchovy dressing was very very fishy. i like anchovy's, but this was too much. the pasta happened to be very good, probably the highlight of the meal. the mushrooms were perfectly cooked (although besides from being "wild" we werent told the types) and so was the fettuccini. very good.

then our dishes and silverware were cleared and we waited. and waited. and waited. when our food eventually did arrive, we didnt have any silverware. we had to flag down our waiter after about 5 minutes. my fiance really enjoyed her chicken but it looked kinda dry to me. i should have waited longer. first they forgot a sharp knife to cut the pork chop so i had to wait again. then when i finally cut through it, i realized that my pork chop was completely raw in the middle. not rare, not medium rare. raw. like trichonosis territory raw. i was completely disgusted. i called over the waiter and he brought it back to cook. and i waited again. and when it came back, the plate was hot but the pork chop was still raw in the middle (and he sat the plate down without silverware again). no apologies, no oh my don't eat that, no i'm really sorry can i get you something else. actually nothing. i lost my appetite.

we ordered coffee and left. i wanted to like this place after hearing so much about it, but it just seemed like the restaurant just wasnt polished, which is sad considering all the praise it gets. the food was ok, the service was atrocious. i won't be going back.

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  1. You may want to try the Swiss Hutte just down the road. It's on the border at the Catamount Ski Area. Sorry for the bad experience!

    1. I was also there on Sunday evening, I think I saw the 2 of you. Sorry for your experience, mine was the complete opposite.

      1. yeah it happens. i wouldnt have cared if the service was better or if the service was the same but my pork chop was cooked. but since both were bad, i won't be back. id rather spend my money at the inn at gedney farm while im up there.

        1. Didn't you ask to talk to the owner of the place or the manager of the place?
          I 'm glad you posted your report here but if I had gone through what you went through I would have let someone there in charge know exactly what you just posted---and I would have left NO tip if the service was that bad.
          .T-I-P- means to insure promptness,ect. and you sure didn't get anything that deserved a trip.
          I've eaten there many times and each time was outstanding.
          I wouldn't have let them get away with what you went through---you deserved better!