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Feb 20, 2007 03:53 AM

BBQ for Lunch?

I have a craving for a pulled pork sandwich today for lunch.

Any recommendations for a laid back BBQ lunch venue? Not interested in Blue Smoke...too many suits in there at lunch time.

Any 'hood is fine.



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  1. Daisy May's (46th and 11th Avenue) offers the best bbq in town. Particular favorites include OK beef ribs, Memphis pork ribs, chicken , chili and great sides - baked beans, corn, sweet potatoes, beans and rice and an occasional special, macaroni and cheese. It is take-out but has an adjacent room with ample seating.

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    1. I really like RUB on 23rd in Chelsea. Their pulled pork is really good. They don't have as many sides as I'd like to see but they have a good mayo based coleslaw and fried onion strings that are addictive. And their beer selection (if that's of interest) is also great.

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        I'll second RUB. It's my favorite of the city's BBQ places, and the pulled pork is especially reliable.

      2. rub has a rib sandwich which is pretty damn awesome.

        1. Virgils, in my opinion best BBQ in NYC