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Feb 19, 2007 11:07 PM

Help need no pork, no shrimp dim sum in SF

i dont eat pork or shrimp where can i find good dim sum in the city to accomodate this need?

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  1. Type "vegetarian dim sum" into Search and you will find a lot of SF threads. Yes, I know you didn't ask for vegetarian, but there are similar questions and ideas in countless threads. I would aim for a place where you order dim sum off a menu rather than from a cart. Dim sum without any pork or shrimp is difficult to achieve, however.

    1. I highly recommend Tian Sing at 138 Cyril Magnin which has more vegetarian dim sum that just about any other place I know (maybe 4-5 anyway).

      1. thanks for the help, i saw a menu online from ocean restaurant on clement, that seems to have a lot of viable option, are they any good?

        1. I'm a vegetarian dim sum lover, and Yank Sing works great for me - though very pricey, it's dependably delicious with plenty of and varied veg options. Ton Kiang can work too, though with a little less ease.

          1. Apologies for not answering your question "where" you may find a place but wanted to throw out maybe trying other things such as: beef or fish balls, beef rice noodle rolls, chicken baos, the rolls wrapped in tofu skins (i think those are beef w/ veggies - not positive), some taro and turnip cakes don't have pork or dried shrimp in it, etc.