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Feb 19, 2007 10:54 PM

Why are eggs so satisfying?

Why is it that, when you're feeling all down with the flu and nothing else sounds remotely edible, eggs seem so completely satisfying and safe? Why is it that eggs for dinner feels so warming and comfortable, and yet, a quick scramble or sunny side up fry takes only a couple of minutes?

And why is it that so many people these days seem not to like eggs?

One more egg query--do you refrigerate yours?

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  1. You could ask the same question about why any food is so satisfying at any particular moment that we crave it!! Sometimes I could not wish for anything other than a mango lassi while at another time chicken soup is bliss. Or a simple salad.

    But there is something primally satisfying about eggs. After all, there can be little else that we can point to that supports life so richly.

    I find poached eggs very satisfying.There is a small window in which to get the yolk done just right so that it is still a bit runny but not raw, and getting the white to still be tender and not tough. When the poached eggs are done perfectly, the experience of consuming that texture and richness of taste, while simple, is a memorable experience. You don't even need to add much as far as seasoning to improve upon the taste of the egg, either - I have found a simple addition of salt, pepper, and paprika are good starting points to get things going! I find that in the summertime when it is hot, I prefer cold hardboiled eggs and egg salad, although I do enjoy eating egg salad in the cooler season if the egg salad is prepared while the eggs are still warm and the cool mayonnaise hasn't had much of a chance to cool off the temperature of the recently removed hard boiled eggs that have been "mashed.". Colder seasons call out for cooked eggs, be they in a scrambled or poached form. I don't care for fried eggs. I find the texture of toughness on the exterior not as desirable as the softer more giving texture of the poached and scrambled form. And there is so much that can be done with a souffle also.

    I think that the egg component of desserts such as cakes, puddings, and custards, provide the experience of satiation, that we otherwise might not have without the egg addition.

    Someone else can go into the nutritional component of eggs that perhaps give us the sense of being satiated.

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      The incredible edible egg!
      I always believed it was a nutritionally complete food, but have no idea why I think that. All I know is it's easy to cook, cheap, fills you up with few calories...what more can you ask for?

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        "But there is something primally satisfying about eggs. After all, there can be little else that we can point to that supports life so richly."

        Indeed. Eggs are designed to sustain a life form until it's developed enough to hatch. So I'm thinking that eggs are so satisfying to us because of the way they're designed to be optimal sources of nutrition & comfort for young animals (in a way that something like, say, celery is not).

      2. I find eggs very unsatisfying. I could eat a twelve egg omelet and not be satisfied. Eggs are a great ingredient, but by themselves they're just too light for me considering their calorie density.

        For me, beans are the ultimate satisfying, simple food.

        1. I think it has alot to do with the protien that is in them when you cook them, in any way
          they are satisfying. and when you wake up in the morning and you smell those eggs
          frying, the fresh brewed coffee. that will get you going.

          1. After reading this posting yesterday - had to work late last night and 2 scramblers seemed to fit the bill for dinner last night! Wonderfully fluffy, not runny but not rubber balls either. I love taking them off the heat a minute or two before all the liquid cooks - nice and soft. Can't be beat for a light dinner. I eat more eggs for dinner than for breakfast. Just can't seem to get them down in the AM but in the PM they are heavenly!

            1. I agree. Eggs are the perfect food, and I often crave them.
              Nothing beats eggs to cure a hangover as well.
              They are considered "nutrient dense" and are a high quality protein. Albumen, I believe, is used as a standard measurement in comparing all other proteins.