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Feb 19, 2007 10:47 PM

Takoyaki/Okonomiyaki in SD

Hi. I've been trying to find a place that serves homemade takoyaki. Not a nuked or fried version of pre-made takoyaki...I have that in my freezer. I live in Kearny Mesa, but I still haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. I remember seeing takoyaki on the menu at Ichiro, but I inquired and they said it was pre-frozen. I didn't see it at all at Sakura. Anyone have ideas?

Semi-related, I also like okonomiyaki. Love it at Tajima. I've had it at Sakura too. Do any other places serve it?

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  1. Try Yu Me Ya in Leucadia (this board has its own Yu Me Ya thread if you care to search for it). Haven't had their takoyaki, but many have and rave about it. Their okonomiyaki is the best I've ever had, in and out of Japan; it even beats my mom's.

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      They have okonomiyaki too? Never noticed it on their menu... Must be good, as everything else on their menu sure is.

      Yumeya is so great... Off topic, but recently some friends of mine visited Yumeya and told me that they had a special of handmade mochi! I was sure this was a mistake, since I never heard of any restaurant serving a truly handmade mochi... Making mochi traditionally is so physically demanding that I usually only see it done by men in public ceremonies around the new year. Normally if I come across a homemade mochi it is usually done with a mochi-making machine. But sure enough Yuka and Katsu apparently told them that they won't do it often as it is so tiring...

      What incredible dedication and energy they have!

      1. Yumeya had Okonomiyaki on the Saturday night special list. It was so good I didn't want to share!

        1. We second Pablo's thoughts. We ate at Yumeya on Sat. night. The takoyaki was a stand out!!

          1. I'm not terribly familiar with Japanese food - what are these dishes?

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              Here are some Pictures of Takoyaki

              This is one of the famous street foods of Osaka. Tako=Octupus and Yaki = Griddled
              Little spheres of batter encasing a piece of octupus.

              An Okonomi (Choice, how you like it) -yaki is a savory pancake filled with anything from kimchi to shrimp to cabbage to bacon etc.

              Google the terms and you will find endless variations. Gaja is a rest in LA specialzing in OK -recent review with pics on LA board.

              best regards

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                  The Okonomiyaki special at Yumeya on Saturday night was seafood and cabbage.
                  More takoyaki: