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Feb 19, 2007 09:13 PM

the hungry cat

We went to the hungry cat before seeing Wicked on 2/17/07 and it was a great meal. We had a half dozen oysters, i think it was a mixed of the three varieties available of the day, the fresh yellowtail sashimi, clam chowder, and the salmon. everything was delicious along with the fresh cocktails. I wanted to go back for more oysters after the show, but we passed.

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  1. I'm from the East Coast, so I was a little wary of the Hungry Cat since they're purportedly serving "Chesapeake style" seafood, but it was great. The Chincoteague oysters were especially good. If they have the "surf & turf" special of duck with smoked trout, get that - it's a winner. What do other East Coast transplants think of it? Review with photos and menus is here: