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Feb 19, 2007 08:29 PM

Question about The Linkery

my friends and i are planning a get together there on friday night.

has anyone experienced the wait time or crowds there on a friday night for a potential party of 6-7?

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  1. I've seen it be busy at those times. They will serve you beer, though, while you wait. They have some really good ones available, so that's a pretty nice time-killer.

    1. serve me FREE beer? haha.
      *here's to hoping*

      i just hate waiting at a place for more than a hour

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      1. re: clayfu

        If you can get there early, you'll be happier.

      2. If you know exactly how many will be in your party and what time you will be there - you might want to shoot Jay an email and give him a heads up. They don't exactly take reservations, but I bet he'd appreciate some advance notice. I don't think they have very many tables in there that seat more than 4 people. You can reach him through the restaurant's website.

        1. sweetness. thx for the help!
          if anyone has experiences with larger parties, please leave me a note!

          1. Last time I was there, a large group came by early, put their names in and left a cell phone # to be called when their table was ready- then they went over to the Blue Foot Bar around the corner until they were called because the bar area in the Linkery was already crowded. This was a Saturday night around 7ish, and I have no idea how long they waited, but it probably wasn't more than an hour.

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            1. re: jlls

              ah! perfect solution. thank you very much =)