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Cooking Classes in SFV, SCV, or Pasadena area?

I am looking for cooking classes in either the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, or as far East as Pasadena? I am not interested in anything in the L.A. or West L.A. area. Any suggestions?

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  1. You might want to check Sur La Table, they have one location in Pasadena. They offer cooking classes at most of their locations.

    1. Unfortunately, the Pasadena Sur La Table location doesn't offer classes- the closest is at the Grove, outside of your consideration set. On the other hand, the Pasadena area has a few formal culinary schools; I believe they are relatively expensive, however.

      1. http://www.chezcherie.bigstep.com/
        I haven't been, I just know it's close to Pasadena.

        1. I've seen classes at Williams-Sonoma on Lake, please check their websites. CSCA Pasadena on Green St. also has cooking classes. You can call the cook store 626-683-1354 for current schedules.

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            I don't think the culinary school has classes; they have demos. You sit and watch them make it, then you get to eat it. I got a really good guacamole recipe from one of those demos.

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              My boyfriend took me to hipcooks for my birthday... we were a little disappointed, I think we were expecting something a little more structured, but it could work if you are taking someone who isn't very experienced or intimidated by the kitchen. It also might work better if it's with a big group of people, so the personality of the presenter doesn't overwhelm the personalities of the individuals taking the class. We also followed up with them to get the recipes they promised to send, and they never did.

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                I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. While I thought our instructor was a little eccentric (bordering on annoying), at the end of the night I appreciated her effort to involve the group and create a fun atmosphere. I liked that it wasn't very structured because that's how I like to cook- while drinking wine, creating as I go and getting messy! It was very hands on and informal- more of activity then a class.

                Also, I went to a class on seafood at Cherie or Mon Cherie (???) on Foothill Blvd. in La Canada. I understand the woman who owns it teaches all the classes. It was very informative but completely hands-off. We watched her prepare evrything then sat down to a meal of the things she had cooked. We were sent home with some fabulous recipes and the store at the front of the spce has some great cooking utensils; I puchased a cherry wood pickle fork that as proved quite useful.

            2. Pasadena has the California School of Culinary (Cordon Bleu program) which offers a full 1 year program as well classes which I think are held on weekends. They are very nice and personally called me asking what my goals were after I made an inquiry over the website.
              It would be very cool to get a few Chowhounds together to take a class together.


              California School of Culinary Arts
              521 E Green Street
              Pasadena, CA 91101
              (866) 230-9450

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                The California School of Culinary Arts has very few recreational classes, actually. And they are demonstration classes not hands on. It is really a professional school for students who want to get culinary degrees.

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                  Actually, CSCA started offering some hands-on classes on Saturdays a few times/month. It's not their professional program, but I was in the same labs where the professional students are taught. Call the Campus Cookstore at 626.683.1354, I took the Cake Baking series in April and it was fantastic!

              2. Williams Sonoma at Topanga mall does classes.

                1. Wildflour Baking Company in Sierra Madre has cooking (not just baking) classes. I haven't taken any but the menus I've seen look good!


                  1. The Williams-Sonoma in Pasadena on Lake has great classes! They are small and fill up really fast but the chef is very entertaining and food was great. I enjoyed myself.

                    1. I highly recommend the cooking classes at Wildflour Baking Company in Sierra Madre. Each class has a theme so it depends what interests you.

                      Jackie Collins, the cooking instructor and one of the owners, also teaches at the California Culinary Institute in Pasadena. She has a great personality. The classes are limited to 10 people and they provide all the ingredients. The class is hands on and you take home whatever you make.

                      Call to find out their class schedule or drop by to be added to their mailing list.

                      Wildflour Baking Company
                      328 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.
                      Sierra Madre, CA 91024
                      (626) 355-9000

                      On another note, I recently ordered a dessert platter from them. I was very impressed with the brownies, lemon bars, nut bars and cookies that they provided. I'll will order from them again in the future.

                      1. There does happen to be a place in Westlake Village called Lets Get Cookin'. My husband and I had a great experience several years ago for a seafood class. I know that they recently changed owners so am unsure how that may affect the quality.