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Feb 19, 2007 07:28 PM

Lemeac was wonderful

My S.O. and I tried Lemeac last Monday after reading some positive reviews here. It was lovely and will definitely go on our list to return. The pain perdu dessert is unbelievably delicious.

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    1. re: eatsies

      Brunch at Lemeac

      I had dinner at Lemeac three or four times but never brunch. I finally got around to it this Saturday around 12:30. I had been looking at their on-line brunch menu and drooling for weeks: so I ordered the two poached eggs, their own delicately flavored smoked salmon slices on a small, slightly sweet crepe with Spanish caviar in sour crème. It was totally delicious and all washed down with a mimosa or two. For dessert I ordered the assorted fruit sorbets (4) – the passion fruit was especially intense and outstanding and the mango quite good too. A really excellent poached egg and salmon brunch (but Renoir does a very good one too).

      (There was some confusion about our reservation but in the end they gave us the last free table on their agreeable terrace. BTW: they definitely do serve from their main menu while they are serving brunch at the same time.)

    2. ...and the 7/7 late night 22h /22$ special.
      the place is crazy, call them first!

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      1. re: wizpers

        Leméac last night (we're visiting from Boston). Terrific. We sat outside on a perfectly cool night.

        Best dishes we tried:
        Sautéed foie gras
        Duck confit
        Steak tartare (I asked for it "spicy")
        Chocolate mousse, wonderful with a snifter of Remy Martin Excellence