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Feb 19, 2007 07:15 PM

Kosher Poutine?

Are there any kosher restaurants in Montreal serving poutine?

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  1. I'm not sure how observant you are, but there are several great vegetarian poutine options in the city including diner Chez Claudette (351 Laurier E.), Maam Bolduc (4351 de Lorimier), and Mondo Frites (3899 St-Laurent). They're all different; Chez Claudette's is probably the most traditional, whereas the sauces on the others are seasoned a bit differently and Mondo Frites has the "wrong" kind of cheese.

    There's also a fast-food Middle-Eastern place in the Faubourg whose poutine is halal, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend going out of your way for it. ;)

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      The problem with the poutines you're mentioning is that, although they may appear to be vegetarian, the gravies are undoubtedly made using beef or chicken stock. The stock in combination with the cheese curds renders the whole dish non-kosher.

      I think dmel is asking about kosher-certified restaurants in the city serving poutine. It would have to be a dairy restaurant using a non-meat-based gravy, or a meat restaurant using soy-based "cheese."

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        Actually, I specifically mentioned restaurants with only vegetarian gravy/fries that are cooked in vegetable oil. Most vegetarians hold themselves to those standards, and certainly someone concerned with kashrut.

        The reason I said "I don't know how observant you are" is that some Jews who keep kosher won't eat anything that has been cooked in a non-kosher restaurant; obviously, those restaurants aren't kosher. However, most of my observant friends would eat poutine from these places.

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        Mondo Frites has closed; it's become yet another St Laurent construction casualty.

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          Hi i just noticed u talking abt a halal poutine restaurant in montreal so plz let me know the full address of it so i can go and smash on it :)

        2. roarlaura- these suggestions are perfect... Hopefully we'll get to give them a try!

          1. For kosher poutine in Montreal, go to Pizza Pita.

            Pizza Pita's poutine is not exactly the same as the true Quebec version as it uses mozzarella instead of cheese curds, which are not availble kosher.

            Someone who is truly observant of keeping kosher will only eat in a restaurant that has been giving a kosher certificate by the Montreal Vaad Hair (Rabbinical board). There are many problems with going to non-kosher restaurants, even vegetarian ones, for kosher-eaters (often the cheese will contain renit, and not all soy products are kosher).

            1. Pizza Pita is on Decarie Blvd, near Van Horne.

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                Famous Pizza in St. Louis shopping plaza in St. Laurent has the real deal Poutine, made with kosher cheese curds, and it amazzzzing !! Go check it out. Kosher curds are now available in Canada.

              2. The original comment has been removed