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Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves w/ pic

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Do others like this brand: Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves? It's a product of France that you can get in most supermarkets, even Longs Drugs carries it. I buy it occasionally since it's a bit pricey at $3.49 a 13 oz jar but it's really tasty. Sometimes on sale you can get it 2 for $5 which is a bargain.

pic attached.

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  1. Love this brand- they also carry it at Cost Plus. My favorite is the Cherry preserves.

    1. I love their blueberry preserves. I actually found their strawberry preserves a bit too sweet for my tastes, but everyone else in my family loves it.

      1. Love their blackberry. This was a very common brand when I lived in downtown Montreal so it was my staple jam. I have yet to find it in Toronto (I'm sure it's available somewhere, but not in my neighbourhood).

        1. Love this too, I can finsd it at just about every grocery store locally. Definitely love the blueberry. And the blackberry too. Plus, I save all the jars and we use them as our everyday glasses.

          1. I have a shelf on the door of my fridge dedicated to these. At any point you will find, at a minimum strawberry and cherry. Others are the multi-fruited varieties and Mrs Jfood uses the raspberry and apricot for her world famous ruggellah.

            When they go on sale for 2 for $5, 4-6 enter the cart. BTW I am not the only one in the neighborhood who does this. At the 2 for $5 price the strawberries fly out of the store.

            1. This brand is fantastic - a staple in my household. I even converted my SO to the brand after much time on his part using Polaner. The strawberry and raspberry are both terrific, as is the cherry.

              1. Bonne Maman orange marmelade!

                1. The Strawberry is my favorite. I get it when I can't afford the $6 jar from the Green Market ladies...( i forget the name) in NY.

                  1. The strawberry is my favorite as well and makes a great sauce w/some fresh thyme to accompany pork tenderloin. Then again, it also tastes great just slathered on bread.