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Feb 19, 2007 07:10 PM

Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves w/ pic

Do others like this brand: Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves? It's a product of France that you can get in most supermarkets, even Longs Drugs carries it. I buy it occasionally since it's a bit pricey at $3.49 a 13 oz jar but it's really tasty. Sometimes on sale you can get it 2 for $5 which is a bargain.

pic attached.

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  1. Love this brand- they also carry it at Cost Plus. My favorite is the Cherry preserves.

    1. I love their blueberry preserves. I actually found their strawberry preserves a bit too sweet for my tastes, but everyone else in my family loves it.

      1. Love their blackberry. This was a very common brand when I lived in downtown Montreal so it was my staple jam. I have yet to find it in Toronto (I'm sure it's available somewhere, but not in my neighbourhood).

        1. Love this too, I can finsd it at just about every grocery store locally. Definitely love the blueberry. And the blackberry too. Plus, I save all the jars and we use them as our everyday glasses.

          1. I have a shelf on the door of my fridge dedicated to these. At any point you will find, at a minimum strawberry and cherry. Others are the multi-fruited varieties and Mrs Jfood uses the raspberry and apricot for her world famous ruggellah.

            When they go on sale for 2 for $5, 4-6 enter the cart. BTW I am not the only one in the neighborhood who does this. At the 2 for $5 price the strawberries fly out of the store.