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Feb 19, 2007 07:06 PM

Seattle lunch place?

Taking the train up to Seattle from Portland..need someplace downtown for a nice lunch./good food. Any recommendations? If train isn't late, should arrive around 12:30; have tickets to Bodies show at 2:30. Short trip - leaving at 5:45 p.m. same day.

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  1. I'd recommend Salumi, one block from the train station.

    1. Salumi is great! But... You have to have a lot of time to spend in line and be willing to eat standing up outside. For your needs I would recommend Bambuza Bistro It is right next to the Bodies exhibit.

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        LJ, I've never had a problem getting a spot at the Salumi communal table as a single.

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          i dream of Salumi .... there sandwiches are amazing...

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            Oh, but, Grasshopper, the thing is, a person can eat only so many salami sandwiches before they are ready to open eyes to the specials - on the sidewalk sandwich board, on the blackboard inside the door, exhibited in the cooler window (does it have to get any more graphic than this?). Stick it out. Enjoy being made to make room for the delivery man. Order the specials (and maybe splurge for a meat platter). Sit at the big table with random fabulosity. Enjoy. This is the Seattle center of Slow Food. enjoy. Defnitely have the soup.

          2. For French bistro, Maximilien's in the Market (NW corner of 1st and Pike, upstairs)
            For Italian, Barolo (Westlake and Virginia)
            Cremant would be an option for French but it is further east of downtown
            (disclaimer: i have not been to Barolo and Cremant for lunch, only dinner)
            PS. for the time window you are talking about (12:30-2:30), you would probably have to wait a long time in line at Salumi (which is primarily cured meats and sandwiches)

            1. Lunch is my least favorite meal to attempt in downtown Seattle. That's especially true on Mondays when half of the options seem to be closed. That aside, my (upmarket) choices are Cafe Campagne, Le Pichet, and Pink Door (Pike Place Market), my (downmarket) choices are Cyclops, Buffalo Deli, Noodle Ranch (Belltown). I also love the Essential Bakery Cafe on Madison St. (Madison Valley), for a good, casual, counter service lunch and Tutta Bella (Columbia City) where everything is super fresh and the Moretti is served in ice cold pitchers.

              1. Walk just a few blocks from the Bodies Exhibit and you could be at Baguette Box: It's just barely in Capitol Hill, practically downtown.

                Another thought, it might be best to avoid eating meat right before seeing the exhibit...