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Feb 19, 2007 07:04 PM

Audrey Claire/La Colombe

This is my first month in Philly and first post on Chowhound! I'm having a blast eating my way through my new home.
Anyways, I just had a fantastic meal last night at Audrey Claire and I'm curious why it doesn't have a lot of blog buzz.
Also, if I could please get some CC coffee shop recs. To my boyfriend's downright astonishment, I don't like La Colombe. Coffee and ambience need to be killer if I'm going to make peace with no soy in my handmade Italian cup, and La Colombe doesn't cut it.

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  1. Audrey Claire is good. Unfortunately, the good, solid restaurants that have been around for awhile tend to not have "buzz" but they consistently deliver delicious food. Audrey Claire does the simple "semi-Medi" grilled fish style pretty well.

    I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for in a coffee shop though. Try LaVa at 21st and South, or Last Drop at 13th (?) and Pine.

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      Oh, and I went to LaVa when Ants in the (my?) Pants was closed and I walked away happy, but found the staff off-putting. Most of these places serve La Colombe coffee anyways, though I find the quality varies from store to store. Just my imagination?

    2. Yes, what do you not like about la colombe? that will be helpful.

      1. Hi,
        My main quibble with La Colombe is that they never have soy milk. Also, I'd like to move beyond the basic R-Square boundaries and find some new neighborhoods. Ideally, I can work comfortably in a coffee shop, drink an americano with soy, and eat a pastry-alternative. Regulars, or an atmosphere that breeds regulars, is a plus.
        Thanks for all your help!

        1. So I'm thinking it would need to be a veggie friendly type of place. La Colombe is straight up Italian, not Americanized at all (no soy).

          How about Cafe Ole in Old City, Java Company off South Street?

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            Success! I went to the Village Cafe today at 12th and Locust and loved it. The shop itself smelled of herbs, hearty (but pricey) coffee, the food looked divine (alas I was between meals so no eating), the staff was friendly, and there was even a heated patio.
            I will definitely keep an eye out for your recs. Thanks!

            1. re: Agrayf

              If you find yourself in the Fishtown area give Canvas Coffee a try. Plenty of soy milk and other vegan fare including desserts baked on site. Staff is very friendly and nice too.

          2. Ditto on Audrey Claire -- was just recommending this on a BYOB post the other day and had the same thought (that it doesn't get much 'play' on these boards), although I had an absolutely lovely meal there not too long ago...