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Feb 19, 2007 06:40 PM

Family style italian??? Valley/Pasadena

Family style like lage bowls of past and salad we can all share

Trying to get a group together for my kids birthday and we are broke.

I know buca but anywhere else???

Any cuisine is actually ok.

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    1. re: anniegg

      Don't know anything about it. where is it??

      1. re: joea

        On Green St in Pasadena near Hudson st. Google it and it will give you an address. Homemade inexpensive and good stuff. Small and quaint and you can share entrees and pizza.

        1. re: anniegg

          I think Tarantino's would be great. The only downside (if you're really broke) is it's cash only.

    2. Little Toni's in North Hollywood has a "family special" for about $30 which is a giant bowl of salad, a giant bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, warm bread and butter, and a large cheese pizza. Seriously a lot of food for the $ and tasty at that. They regularly accommodate large groups. Lankershim Blvd. where Camarillo and Vineland and Lankershim intersect.

      1. Maggiano's Little Italy. Family friendly, huge portions meant to be shared. They have multiple locations, including The Grove and Woodland Hills. Have fun!

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        1. re: chica

          I like Maggianos, and they definitely have big portions.

          Here's another option, which is also a smaller chain: The Pizza Cookery. It's very close to the Woodland Hills location of Maggianos, across the street from the mall, in a small parking lot on Topanga Canyon Blvd. I like their antipasto salad. It's piled high with lettuce, veggies, meat and cheese. I think Maggianos is nicer inside, and you may get larger portions there.

        2. Dominick's on Foothill Blvd. in La Crescenta. Old style, traditional red-sauce, restaurant. Have only had their thin crust pizza which was good. Portions for pasta, similar dishes are enormous. Definitely not Spago, but fine for the price. Seems popular with locals and families on weekend nights.

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          1. re: Local

            Dominick's is the red-sauce bomb! It REALLY is what Maggiano's and Buca D Burpo want to pretend to be!

            r gould-saltman

          2. If you don't mind going to Los Feliz, Palermo on Vermont is reasonable and has large portions that can be shared. Not the family style but they have everything, pizza to veal dishes. Large portions can easily be shared.