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Ethnic seafood

Brother is visiting from Wyoming and wants seafood. I could go the Legal's/LTK/Summer Shack route, but I think more intersting would be ethnic. Any recommendations for Chinese, Portugese, other?

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  1. Chinatown dim sum at Chau Chow City on Essex Street is quite the experience.

    I can point you to great Portugese but in Lowell.

    If he likes oysters and don't want to break the bank, theres a great thread on here about great deals at McCormick and Smitctch and another bar for $1 oysters - just search for it. I think M&S was tuesday nights.

    1. Here it is and the bar was 28 Degrees between 5-7pm - $1 oysters - can't beat that when Legals gets ya for $26 a dozen (although delicous)


      1. Try the salt cod at Portugalia in East Boston. For steamed Cantonese stuff, I like Peach Farm; for fried, New Jumbo is my go to place -- both in Chinatown.

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        1. And then there's the Daily Catch in the North End. Some on this group say it's fallen (like many local legends) on hard times, and I can't say I've been there recently, but my memories at least are of an outstanding seafood restaurant. My favorite quip is someone describing the calamari as having been suffocated by drowning in garlic.


          1. Muqueca-Br??????MMMMMCCCCCC

            1. Portugese: O Cantinho in Inman Square. I'm especially fond of their octopus and cod cakes.
              Brazilian: Muquera for its name sake.
              limster also pointed out Peach Farm, which I think does several types of seafood quite well.

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                  One more try. Again, sorry for the strange posts. My keyboard stopped functioning on certain letters then went out all together. But, to the task at hand. I recommend Muqueca for Brazialian seafood. Their clay pot (the moqueca) seafood dishes are rich and tastey. They have a whole fried red snapper that looks great that I will try on my next visit. O Cantinho is one of my favorite places. The squid appetizer is worth the visit alone. If you like salt cod, the Baccalau is terrific. For a fun dinning experience go to Kaze, the hot pot (Shabu Shabu) place in Chinatown. You cook your own meal in the hot pot on the table. Choose a nice spicy broth and a great selection of sea food and you're all set.

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                    I'll second the recommendation of Muqueca. $10-12 for a bowl of the most delicious seafood stew, can't go wrong there.

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                      thirded. the owner is really nice there too.

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                        4th-ed? I was there Friday night, and the 6 of us had a great meal! It's a small restaurant, and the 6 of us took nearly 2 hrs to finish our meal, with a lot of people waiting. Not that we were dallying, but we ordered a lot of food, had juice, coffee, etc. The waitstaff was more than gracious and didn't rush us at all. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

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                          ok, now we need to stop talking about muqueca.

                2. Rincon Limeno in Eastie. Remarkable ceviche. Topacio in Eastie....fantastic sopa de marsicos.