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Feb 19, 2007 06:33 PM

Review Perspectives at Brookstreet Hotel Kanta Ottawa

Had dinner with my husband here on Sat. night. First time, and much anticipated. The dining room is lovely....tables are spaced for privacy and a very interesting eclectic decor. Our service was excellent. We both ordered the $ 65.00 chef's tasting menu (blind menu) with wines for each course, an additional $63.00 per person.
Started out with a plate that contained a small dollop of beet salad (grated raw beets) with a swirl of honey and young sprouts. It was excellent. Next , a serving of sweetbreads. A disappointment, in that I felt there was not anything special about them. I love them when they are crispy on the outside and creamy inside. Next, bass in a shrimp broth with a shrimp quenelle on top. My bass was a little over-cooked, my husband said his was not, and there was nothing refined about this dish. Quenelle was so small that you really didn't know what it was or get any flavour from it. Next course was a very flavourful slushie (sp) that was sipped with a straw. Next, two lamb chops from a rack of lamb cooked perfectly on a bed of mashed yukon potato. Next, cheese course. A very uninspired plate of three cheeses, 2 Quebec semi-soft cheeses and a semi-soft smoked cheddar cheese served on a plate with 4 small pieces of baquette. husband took what was offered and didn't eat it. I requested Creme Brulee and it was one of the worst I have ever tasted....not custard but pudding with the brulee topping. All in all not a bad meal but one that did not have a WOW factor. For a bill well over $300.00 it was a disappointment as we were anticipating some great food.

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