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Any good Wine Bars or Resteraunts in Glendale

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Hi everyone I am trying to find a fun restaurant with decent atmosphere and good food in the Glendale area. I have been to La Cubana, Carousel, and I think it was called the fish king. All three were good, I’m looking for something different I’m a bit tired of sushi as I’ve been eating it too much lately ;). I heard Michelangelo’s had pretty good Italian food what else is there.

Part two of my question, are there any wine bars in Glendale or close by.


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  1. Check out Bistro Verdu in Montrose. Lots of wine by the glass and good wine bar food.

    3459 N Verdugo Rd
    Glendale, CA 91208
    (818) 541-1532

      1. I second Bistro Verdu. But I will add that a very cool thing is going on up there since their next door neighbor Rosso Wine Shop opened last year. There is quite a scene happening on the weekends. Rosso organizes some easy tastings at their wine bar. Usually 3 different wines for only $10. People seem to stop there, taste some wines, buy a bottle and bring it next door to the Bistro for only a $5 corkage. And then some seem to have an early dinner at the Bistro and pass by Rosso to do the tasting. There is a synergy about the two places next to each other and a real cool vibe to the area now.

        I highly recommend both Bistro Verdu for food and Rosso Wine Shop for wine. I've been a few times now. It is like a little slice of Europe. They also organize tasting events together. Anyway, check out their websites:


        1. Bistro Verdu was great we just had desert and some wine but such a cute little place. We will definitely go back again and i'll report back on the food.


          1. - Gauchos Village Churrascaria and Carnaval Bar, 411 N. Brand [meat on a stick, live entertainment th-fr-sat], http://gauchosvillage.com/
            - Far Niente, 204 N Brand [italian + adjoining bar
            ]- Notte Luna, 113 North Maryland Ave [bistro italian]
            - Raffi's Place, 211 E. Broadway, has both indoor & outdoor seating [kabobs]

            1. Vinotecca in Los Feliz is owned by the same folks who own Farfalle (Italian) and Tropicalia (Brazilian). The wine bar is built between the two restaurants, so you can order from either. Pretty cool.