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Feb 19, 2007 06:12 PM

Any good Wine Bars or Resteraunts in Glendale

Hi everyone I am trying to find a fun restaurant with decent atmosphere and good food in the Glendale area. I have been to La Cubana, Carousel, and I think it was called the fish king. All three were good, I’m looking for something different I’m a bit tired of sushi as I’ve been eating it too much lately ;). I heard Michelangelo’s had pretty good Italian food what else is there.

Part two of my question, are there any wine bars in Glendale or close by.


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  1. Check out Bistro Verdu in Montrose. Lots of wine by the glass and good wine bar food.

    3459 N Verdugo Rd
    Glendale, CA 91208
    (818) 541-1532

      1. I second Bistro Verdu. But I will add that a very cool thing is going on up there since their next door neighbor Rosso Wine Shop opened last year. There is quite a scene happening on the weekends. Rosso organizes some easy tastings at their wine bar. Usually 3 different wines for only $10. People seem to stop there, taste some wines, buy a bottle and bring it next door to the Bistro for only a $5 corkage. And then some seem to have an early dinner at the Bistro and pass by Rosso to do the tasting. There is a synergy about the two places next to each other and a real cool vibe to the area now.

        I highly recommend both Bistro Verdu for food and Rosso Wine Shop for wine. I've been a few times now. It is like a little slice of Europe. They also organize tasting events together. Anyway, check out their websites:

        1. Bistro Verdu was great we just had desert and some wine but such a cute little place. We will definitely go back again and i'll report back on the food.


          1. - Gauchos Village Churrascaria and Carnaval Bar, 411 N. Brand [meat on a stick, live entertainment th-fr-sat],
            - Far Niente, 204 N Brand [italian + adjoining bar
            ]- Notte Luna, 113 North Maryland Ave [bistro italian]
            - Raffi's Place, 211 E. Broadway, has both indoor & outdoor seating [kabobs]