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Feb 19, 2007 05:45 PM

BYOB, Great Food

Can anyone recommend a good place to go on Friday night that is BYOB but has great food? Anywhere in Manhattan is fine.

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  1. kuma inn lower east side(very good, not great)
    i remmber the eastern omelet with chinese sausage, pork belly and all the rices to be good.

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    1. re: jsmitty

      Seconded. Recs: sauteed chinese sausage, edamame in thai basil lime oil.

      1. re: jsmitty

        Kuma Inn hasn't been BYOB for a long time. This same topic was covered recently here:

        Another good resource is NY Magazine:

        Long story short, unless you want to pay a corkage fee, your options are limited.

        1. re: oolah

          Kuma Inn was BYO when I last visited (Jan. 29, 2007). The hostess intimated that they were "between liquor licenses." A freind who visited on Feb. 6, 2007 reports the same.

          Long story short, call ahead.

      2. Peri Ela is a Turkish place that just opened last week on Lex between 90th & 91st. They don't have a liquor licence yet (and I think it's still cash only too). Because it's so new, I've only been there once, but it was really quite delish.

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        1. re: acpi

          Does Peri Ela have a corkage fee?

        2. thanks everyone! I think we have settled on Tartine. I will report back after our trip!