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Feb 19, 2007 05:38 PM

What do you think of Nigella?

I started watching her when I was studying in England several years ago. She is a national treasure there. I loved her then and now, but my husband thinks she is too much. I actually do like her old shows better than her new ones. What do you guys think of her recipes?

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  1. I find her cookbooks are wonderful! Her recipes pretty much always work out and are not too challenging. Actually, last night I made the Chocolate Guiness Cake out of Feast and it was a total hit.

    In terms of her shows my favourite series was the first ones, Nigella Bites. The current ones (Nigella Feasts) are not too bad but the camera work t first I found highly distracting.

    1. Recipes out of Comfort cooking are delicious, but not so good for my diet. I like her show. I like that she talks about her kids and stuff.

      1. I really like her. I know that a lot of her show is designed to be "sexy" but it doesn't bother me in the least, even if my mom laughs about her euphemisms! I have Feast and have made several recipes out of it. My son loves the "cheesy feet" and her takes on Indian cuisine are very tasty. I have made her chocolate cherry trifle two years in a row for Christmas and it's been a big hit.

        I don't know what she is like in person, but she comes across as very real. About as real as a woman married to a multi millionaire art collector can possibly be!

        1. Personally, I really like the aesthetics of her old show. The close ups, focus etc. The photography is what attracted me to the show - but she's not bad to look at either! (the newest show I find has a much lower production value.) I don't recall ever using one of her recipes - but I would definitely classify her show as food porn!

          1. I am a fan of her old show. The way this new show is shot is distracting and make me feel uncomfortable. I just can't watch it.