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$200 to spend, where to go?

My boss gave me a xmas present of $200 to spend with my significant other for dinner. If it goes over, I can pay out of pocket to cover.
I'm thinking of Gary Dankos, any other suggestions?

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  1. omakase at sakae in burlingame. see sushimonster's comprehensive list: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/45649

    1. Think I'd look at Boulevard, it's wonderful. You can do well there with that amount and have a nice bottle of wine to boot.

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      1. Take a drive to Healdsburg and have dinner at Cyrus.

        Otherwise, maybe Dining Room at the Ritz?

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          Just my opinion, but for $5 more on a seven-course meal, Gary Danko's is way better than Cyrus . . . .

        2. Chez Panisse is always lovely.

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            I'd second Chez Panisse, with the caveat that if you want a romantic dinner, book well in advance. If you're all about the food, splurge upstairs in the cafe on short notice.

            Unless you really want the ambiance, i personally always prefer eating in the cafe.

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              I'm always torn between Chez and Cafe Panisse. I love the choice upstairs, but there's something wonderful about the whole orchestrated experience in the restaurant. They take reservations one month in advance. Both book up pretty quickly.

            2. There's such an embarrassment of riches in San Francisco, you could almost close your eyes and point and you wouldn't be disappointed. Boulevard, Fleur de Lys, Jardiniere, 5th Floor, and that isn't even the tip of the iceberg!

              Be sure to report back where you chose and how you liked it!

                1. how about Alexander's down in Cupertino. I've been dying to try this place.

                  the reviews have been favorable and i hear they sometimes give tours with dinner.


                  1. I think you have it dead on with Gary Danko - such a special evening. The cheese course alone is worth it!

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                      Gary Danko takes reservations two months in advance, and you've got to call the instant they open.

                    2. anothjer approach would be to go to a place like Delfina and have a serious feast, with many different dishes, and lots of wine...

                      1. I just thought of it . . . Kaygetsu in Menlo Park, if you're willing to make the trip.

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                          Im going there for my birthday in March - is it worthy of the trip?

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                            I've only been once. We did the whole kaiseki dinner. I think that's the main attraction, although I've heard it's all good. The dinner is memorable if it's the kind of thing you like. As I recall, it was about nine separate courses. Each one was perfectly presented on distinctive plates, beautiful, unusual, carefully chosen and constructed and meaningful. So it's a total experience. Make sure the people you go with are into it too.

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                              We are planning on the Kaiseki dinner as well, and i guess im hoping it's as good of an experience, with better food, than something like Manresa. My brother and I are both very tired of the foam/food art/fusion blah that most fine dining restaurants seem to subscribe to, so we're trying to get a better understanding of the types, and regional differences in ethnic dining,

                              Thanks for the information - hope it will meet my expectations!

                        2. Campton Place is good, similar to Gary Danko if you like esoteric combinations. I wouldn't recommend Boulevard but then it depends if you like sedate ambience or lively. Yes, Gary Danko is a super experience

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                            Why don't you recommend Boulevard: is it because you think it is too sedate, or do you think it is too lively?

                            1. re: susancinsf

                              I think Boulevard is lively( not too though) just depends on what that person was looking for for his $ 200 and I thought Campton Place quieter.