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Feb 19, 2007 05:05 PM

Tampa Bay Brewing Company

Anyone been? Is it CH worthy- I was thinking of taking my husband and buddies for a fun relaxing night out. Concept sounds interesting- "beer themed" foods and lots of beer to taste. Menu is down on the website so coming here for guidance. Also if you have any suggestions for a place to go after TBPAC and /or Channelside area! Thanks!

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  1. of my favorite places in ybor. I go for the french fries alone.

    1. Try Mise En Place for after a performance at the TBPAC.

      If you go to Channelside, try Grille 29.

      I haven't had food at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, but have gone with friends who are beer drinkers and it was a fun time. A very lively atmosphere, but it wasn't too loud or over the top.

      1. I enjoy their beer and their apps. I have never had an entree, but the goat cheese app is awesome!

        1. we go there any time we're in ybor - the beer is the best in tampa (get a sampler!)

          their pub grub type food has been excellent every time we've eaten there. (burgers, sandwiches, apps etc)

          also, there's a beer fest in centro ybor on feb 24th (i'm pretty sure) and you can get tickets at TBBC.

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            Food was excellent- I had Guava shortribs with a goat cheese and chedder twice baked potato. My Hubbie had Steak and shrimp with mango- haberno salsa. We also had the beer sampler- very fun place, lots of energy. Looking foward to Grille 29 next time in Channelside- sounds good!

            1. re: jme1beachbum

              Thank you so much for giving us a try...These reviews are great! We are still a small family business who strive to provide a quality experience to all patrons. Cheers!!

              1. re: TBBC

                Been to the TBBC through the years (loved the old place with the balcony), and will go back next time I am in Why-bor. Good food & Good beer.

                I have to admit the last time I was there it was less than a good experience.
                Waited 25 minutes before we finally called it quits waiting for service.
                Who is our server? Where is our server? I’m not your server; I will get your server.
                Your server has not taken care of you yet? I will get your server.

                However I will try it again, see what happens.

                1. re: TampaPete

                  Please do TampaPete...We have an extremely strong and efficient crew in place. The front of the house is being led by Kevin who has proven to be an incredible addition to the team and the Kitchen is led by Ryan who came to us from Roy's. The service and food quality has improved dramatically while still maintaning a reasonable price. My name is David Doble, Head Brewer, please say hello when you stop by...Cheers!!

          2. One of the only places to drink in Ybor as far as I'm concerned. Try the beer sampler and be prepared to share. I've always liked the pizza there, and the burgers and apps are also winners. Even the entrees are good, tho it has been a while since i've had a real dinner there. The bartenders are reliable and management is friendly.

            Incidentally, my other two faves for drinks in Ybor are New World and Fuma Bella. If i have company of want a treat, I often stop by the Columbia for some bread pudding (big enough to split several ways) and drinks. But I skip it if it is fully mobbed as it often is.

            Sorry i can't help with channelside--- it isn't high on my list of destinations.