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Feb 19, 2007 05:02 PM

Just over the border from Burlington Vermont?

I just moved to Burlington Vermont and what I want Chowhounds to recommend is the nearest great places to eat (up-scale or just good local, French food ideally but not necessarily) on the Quebec side of the border.

Surely I don't need to drive all the way to Montreal...?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Eastern Townships have some very nice place indeed, Owl's bread in Masonville is a real treat for frenc hbread (duh!) as well as Lunch, pastries (great cookies!) and more.

      Also in Hatley you will find fantastic upscale places like Manoir Hovey or a (reportedly) great Table Champetre (loosely translated into Pastoral Table, or grower's table) called la Table Tourigny)

      Many other nice places can be found along the Vintner's route. The white wines are actually getting to a respectabel quality too!

      1. It's more like just over the border from Newport, not Burlington, but La Table Tourigny is worth the detour.

        4288, chemin Georgeville (between Georgeville and Magog; you can googlemap it)
        Canton de Stanstead
        Georgeville (Qu├ębec) J0B 1T0
        819 868-2894

        And what do you know, they now have a website:

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          It seems this place might be close to Augerge Ripplecove, in Ayer's Cliff. We've stayed there a few times, (at least two years ago) and liked the food as well as the lodging. Is it still good (food, that is).
          We love exploring the Eastern Townships, and we'll give Tourigny a try. Thanks again Carswell--you're always a great source of reliable info.

          1. re: Lgalen

            Ripplecove's a sweet little spot. I actually prefer it to Hovey Manor.

            While I don't think I've ever driven from Georgetown to Ayer's Cliff, eyeballing the map, I'd say Table Tourigny is 20 to 30 minutes from Ripplecove by side roads and double that by major highway. Reservations are strongly recommended, especially because chef Tourigny sometimes closes the restaurant so he can cater parties for the Memphemagog mansion set.

        2. Have they rebuilt Ripplecove? Because, didn't it burn down last year?

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          1. re: rillettes

            Ripplecove is fine, it was Augerge Hatley, I think that burned down.

          2. Thanks for the correction. Colour me mistaken.