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Feb 19, 2007 04:26 PM

Anyone know if there will be any Chinese New Years Banquets in Chinatown?

Boy, I miss the ones at the Cultural Center but they were discontinued. I think they MAY have done last year but not sure. It was great to just go and meet interesting folks and not spend over $25.00 before tip.

Anyone know of any in Center City?

Steve R

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  1. Isn't it over?
    I know Singapore was having one.

    1. Via a really quick Googling (South Jersey)....I'll post when I find local Chinatown options.

      Here are a few of the special Chinese New Year dinners and related events planned for South Jersey. Diners are advised to call ahead for reservations.

      Sakura Spring Oriental Cuisine will offer its Chinese New Year menu through the end of February. The eight-course dinner, with a minimum of four persons, is $30 per person. Special performances of the Chinatown lion dancers will be Feb. 24. 1871 Route 70 East, Cherry Hill. (856) 489-8018.

      Chez Elena Wu is hosting a 10-course Chinese New Year banquet with a menu that reflects the restaurant's Chinese, French and Japanese cuisine. The banquets run from Saturday through March 31, with tables arranged for a minimum of six guests. The cost is $40 per person. There also are cooking classes 7 p.m. March 1 and 1 p.m. March 4 which will focus on Chinese cuisine and sushi. The cost is $50 per person, which includes a meal. The restaurant is in the Ritz shopping center, 910 Haddonfield-Berlin Road, Voorhees. Call (856) 566-3222.

      Jasmine Oriental Cuisine will celebrate the new year with special dinners Thursday through Sunday. The menu includes such dishes as lobster with ginger scallion sauce, steamed sea bass, salt and pepper shrimp, Chinese vegetables and Chinese marinated mushrooms and string beans. The price is $25.95 per person, with a minimum of four persons. The restaurant is at 175 Route 70, Medford. (609) 654-8818.

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        Fork is also doing a $45 dinner, but it's neither in Chinatown or within your price range.

      2. There are plenty in Chinatown if you can get the group together yourself. I know Chung King Garden is offering new years banquets at that price point through the end of the month. Even if a restaurant isn't advertising a special banquet, you can often speak with the staff and set up something (at any time, not just new year). Pick your favorite restaurant, and arrange a Chowhound dinner :)

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          >Pick your favorite restaurant, and arrange a Chowhound dinner :)

          I used to but Chowhound changed their rules and "dinner arranging is a "No No" here and has been for about 3 years.

          Anyway, my schedule is getting full but if there was a Chinatown (Philly) place with open seating., I'd find the time to go.

          And in reply to Saturnius... Chinese New Year celebrationms usually last at least a month. The Dinners at the Cultural Center used to run into May!

          Steve R

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            For future reference, I believe dinner arranging is ok as long as you post your email address so people can contact you off-board. Someone correct me if I am mistaken. Rabidog arranged that Los Taquitos de Puebla dinner last month.