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Feb 19, 2007 04:18 PM

Best of Cincinnati

I am new to Cincinnati and so far I love:
Kona Bistro (even if it can be inconsistant at times) Sitwells, Dewey's, Nectar, Sushi Ray, Saki Bomb, Asiana (Edwards Road). I am headed to Boca this weekend. I heard there was a restaurant that with the pris fixe you can get $1 glasses of wine. Is there such a place? Thank you!

I am looking for

1. Best Brunch

2. Best Study Place/CoffeeHouse

3. Best Mojito (not Kona Bistro, they are taking it off the menu)

4. Best Late Nite Eats (no chain) in Newport, Pacific Rim is open til 2am

5. Best Romantic Restaurant

6. Best Mexican Food

7. Best Dining with a View

8. Best Happy Hours

9. Best Bars (I love a great beer selection!)
I am also curious which bars have trivia night (the Pub, rookwook, monday?), or more interesting things...

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  1. Best late night -- Anchor Grill in Covington where the motto is "We may doze, but we never close."

    For brunches, I like the Greyhound Tavern in Fort Mitchell

    For a bar with a view, Hooters on the Kentucky side of the river is pretty cool. There is another bar there as well, but it has been a few years, and I can't remember what it was called. Yes it is a ridiculous chain, but it is on the river and boats can pull right up.

    1. Welcome to Cincinnati, tfl. I don’t go out to brunch often enough to claim it is the “best” brunch in Cincinnati, but since you seem to have some East Side leanings, I would recommend you check out the Clough Pike Market ( The place is a store rather than a restaurant, but they put up extra tables for the Sunday brunch and have a variety of stations throughout the store—waffle station, omelette station, fruit station, hot food station. I went a couple of weekends ago with out-of-town guests and we all enjoyed the quality of the food, plus it’s a little different. Moving throughout the store to get your brunch items, you also have a chance to see what it offers throughout the week—produce, meats, deli, wine, and breads and pastries made by chef/owner Jean-Paul, who also has a small storefront, Jean-Paul’s Paradiso , a few doors east near the Ameristop, which offers my new favorite pizza in Cincinnati (the Northern Woods, with wild mushrooms, herbs and goat cheese) plus soups, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, and delivers in my neighborhood during limited hours.

      For bars with a good beer selection, also on the East Side, check out Allyn’s in Columbia Tusculum east of Delta on Columbia Parkway ( They also have food and music.

      Glad to hear you like Nectar. I am trying it for the first time Wednesday with a group. I tried to make a reservation Sat., but do they ever answer their phone? I left a message and have yet to hear back with a confirmation.

        1. For beer selection, I also like Teller's in Hyde Park, which must have 20 beers on tap. For just drinking, I like Rhino's in OTR.

          For a view, I like the deck at Don Pablo's in Newport. Yeah, it's chain Mexican, but with a margarita, chips and salsa, what more do you want?

          Best happy hour, I like Palomino's downtown, or the Vernon Manor, which has great bloody mary's and half-price appetizers.

          1. I agree with Emm on Primavista, for view, and Barresi's, for a romantic meal.

            For beer selection, try Mecklenberg Gardens[ ]. They have a ton of beers on tap.

            I don't know how they compare to others, but Cactus Pear in Clifton makes mojitos. Not many places carry mint.

            The last time I went to Don Pablo's in Newport, they served me long grain and wild rice. And the service was HORRIBLE!! I hope it has gotten better, but there are a ton of other places near by, with good views, as well.

            Arnie's on the Levee, in Newport has a good Happy Hour.

            JOHN~DO you go to Vernon Manor often? I work in the bar {and, often, make the bloody mary mix}. WE do have a good Happy Hour, and a decent Sunday Brunch, as well.

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              We go to Vernon Manor's happy hour a couple of times a year. My wife works at Children's Hospital, and it's a convenient after-work spot. Last year at a Friday happy hour, we had six bloody mary's and three appetizers, and the whole bill was $18. Can't beat that with a stick.