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Feb 19, 2007 03:46 PM

Making green beans more appealing to kids

My kids HATE green beans. Do you do anything with them that makes them more appealing, besides grean bean casserole?

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  1. try roasting them with sesame oil, S & P..450 for about 15 minutes...tossing once in a while... even better, in warm weather I do them this way on the grill..., although there are casualties through the grates...

    1. What don't they like about them specifically? Taste, texture? The flavor is awfully assertive in its quiet way, I can't think of a way to really hide it....

      I always did like them myself, but even though they were out of a package and the spaetzle was obviously inferior (I'd had it in Germany and German restaurants in NYC before I had this), I always really like the Bird's Eye green beans & spaetzle combo - I think they still make it, though I haven't bought it in probably 15 years. Making a homemade version with less LCD spicing and better spaetzle might interest them, or at least distract them a little. ;) I can't give you a recipe, but you can deconstruct your own package. :) The general idea was very good, they were just too salty and sort of generically seasoned, and the spaetzle too dense/chewy. All faults easily corrected if you make it from scratch.

      I was always very fond of them steamed or sauteed with slivered/sliced almonds browned in a little butter. If they like tomatoes, onions, and olive oil, you can stew them Greek-style which I also really liked as a kid and love as an adult. And that keeps well for several days and freezes fairly well in the bargain.

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        They do still make the bird's eye combo and I always stock up on it in the grocery store. I know it's a salty mess, but it's great for a quick meal. It would probably be very appealing to kids.

        I love green beans and I generally avoid veggies--you may want to try sauteeing them with balsamic vinegar and garlic or roasting them with a honey soy or teriyaki sauce.

      2. Butter, bacon and slivered almonds. Of course, this defeats the healthy aspect of the beans, but it makes them damn tasty!

        Alternatively, have you tried stir frying them? Peanut oil, quickly stir fry some garlic, toss in beans, stir fry a couple of minutes, then pour in a bit of chicken stock, cover and steam for 3 minutes.

        1. I also liked the green beans and spaetzle from Birds Eye as a kid. My fave was when mom did them in a bechamel sauce with fresh dill. My kid on the other hand has to have them hidden- frenched in a pasta sauce etc. I did get him to enjoy them for a few bites when picked from the garden young and raw with a dip. I just think they have to find their own veggie path. Offer options, grow your own if you can and see what happens.

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            "I just think they have to find their own veggie path."
            Sweet! Good advice :)

          2. "grow your own if you can and see what happens."

            If that's an option and you get the kids to help, I've never met a kid who didn't like (or at least wouldn't eat) vegs they'd actually helped to grow. Including me. Well, except eggplant. :) And if you can get them eating them in the first place, they'll probably move over to storebought once they're used to the idea, even if they don't like them as much.

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              Very true. They eat the tomatos that they help grow with more vigar.