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Water Kettle

My calphalon kettle has died and they are no longer making them,,,,
I need a new whistling kettle with stay cool handle that doesn't spill but don't want to spend $100
Any recommendations?

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  1. Electric or not? I don't really have any recs, but I was curious.

    1. thanks for the clarification question...not electric! to go on a gas stove

      1. I have a Chantal tea kettle (the copper one with the good whistle - see link). I lurrrve it. The enameled and stainless ones are just as functional and cost $40 less -- that is what I would buy for myself, personally.


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          I like my Chantal tea kettle as well, but the handle definitely gets hot, so you need a sleeve for it to safely handle. I also like my electric kettle for quick heating, done in 2 min to a boil. The former looks good out, the latter is efficient, stays cool and quick.
          SOME like it are at http://www.cooking.com/products/shpro...

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            Where the heck can you get a sleeve for the handle? I am not good with a needle and thread, but have fantasized about such a thing so that I don't burn my hand everytime I absentmindedly forget to grab an oven mitt to pick up the kettle. It's a ridiculous design flaw, despite the snazzy looks.

        2. I killed kettles. Lost count of how many.
          Finally bought this one that I've had for more than 25 years. Amortizes out to about a penny a day. Don't cheap out. How much did the dead Calphalon cost?
          Comes in stainless or copper, also another version that supposedly boils 25% faster that costs $10 more.

          1. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/produ...

            Oxo tea kettle is a smart and relatively inexpensive kettle. The design of the handle/opening spout action makes it really easy to use.

            I haven't liked any of the Chantal design. After a friend told me about how his new Chantal broke on first use, I basically wrote it off.

            1. A friend recently recommended an electric kettle, it never occurred to me. Anyone have any experiences to compare with a classic stove top kettle?

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                I have a cheapie electric kettle. I use it when I'm having company. It is convenient, but I think it's kind of dangerous because mine is light, which makes it tippy, plus I have a 3-y/o. I have too little counter space for it to make sense on an everyday basis.

                But it does boil water fine - it's *not* like trying make decent tea with microwaved water. I'm sure the more expensive models are heavier and nicer.

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                  Growing up, the kettle was either on, or had just boiled - I have made many many pots of tea in my lifetime with a stove top, and never thought I would buy electric. Just bought a house with an electric stove (I'm working on getting a gas line...) so I've tried out several electric kettles. I have to say that I LOVE my new Cuisinart kettle. LOVE IT. http://www.cuisinart.com/catalog/prod...

                2. I have two kitchens, so two tea kettles: the Oxo Uplift and the Simplex tea kettle with the quick-boil coil for gas range. They both boil water, but the Simplex is the best tea kettle I ever had, and will probably be the last. The Oxo is only $40 or so, but the lift-lid doesn't seat tightly on the spout if you don't take care with it. When it boils, you may not hear the whistle. While it's not as reliable, I must acknowledge that the Oxo's whistle has a much lovelier, mellow, chord whistle.

                  My friends who use electric kettles swear by them. I don't like the feel of them as well, but if I drank several pots of tea a day I might want one.

                  1. The classic Revereware. Lasts forever. Great price if you watch the sales at Macy's etc. Best of all, safe, burn proof handle. After man years of experience (and pain) I must admit this is no better pouring handle avoiding steam, etc. than the Revereware. Several sizes too. It's great! (Probably the tea kettle your mom had!!!)

                    1. Good suggestion, Sally. You mean this one?

                      That is a good kettle which does indeed preclude steam burns, but mine wore out, I believe in the handle area...heat damage after years of use. But it's a great kettle and fits the budget requirements. If you fill it from a Brita pitcher it might be a bit awkward, but from the tap it's a cinch. And it's relatively lightweight. And the whistle always works!

                      1. I have a gas stove and use an Oxo kettle. I've had it for over five years and it still works very well. I do agree that the whistle sound level is not what it used to be but I have no problem hearing it.

                        1. I LOVE my Braun stainless steel electric kettle. http://www.amazon.com/WK600-Impressio...

                          It has a filter on the spout that if you fill through this, you reduce calcium build up and as well, the element is below the interior base also preventing the same. It boils fast, looks amazing on the counter top and is just a great appliance. Many in my family have gone out and bought one since seeing mine and they are happy too. I had a Cuisinart before that and after 4 years developed a leak along a metal seam right near the electric cord attachment. I called them about this and they said: "Too bad". It was scary - I'm glad I found the leak before someone got electrocuted.......