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Feb 19, 2007 03:38 PM

Water Kettle

My calphalon kettle has died and they are no longer making them,,,,
I need a new whistling kettle with stay cool handle that doesn't spill but don't want to spend $100
Any recommendations?

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  1. Electric or not? I don't really have any recs, but I was curious.

    1. thanks for the clarification question...not electric! to go on a gas stove

      1. I have a Chantal tea kettle (the copper one with the good whistle - see link). I lurrrve it. The enameled and stainless ones are just as functional and cost $40 less -- that is what I would buy for myself, personally.

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          I like my Chantal tea kettle as well, but the handle definitely gets hot, so you need a sleeve for it to safely handle. I also like my electric kettle for quick heating, done in 2 min to a boil. The former looks good out, the latter is efficient, stays cool and quick.
          SOME like it are at

          1. re: number6

            Where the heck can you get a sleeve for the handle? I am not good with a needle and thread, but have fantasized about such a thing so that I don't burn my hand everytime I absentmindedly forget to grab an oven mitt to pick up the kettle. It's a ridiculous design flaw, despite the snazzy looks.

        2. I killed kettles. Lost count of how many.
          Finally bought this one that I've had for more than 25 years. Amortizes out to about a penny a day. Don't cheap out. How much did the dead Calphalon cost?

          Comes in stainless or copper, also another version that supposedly boils 25% faster that costs $10 more.


            Oxo tea kettle is a smart and relatively inexpensive kettle. The design of the handle/opening spout action makes it really easy to use.

            I haven't liked any of the Chantal design. After a friend told me about how his new Chantal broke on first use, I basically wrote it off.