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Feb 19, 2007 03:10 PM

Help in Highland Park!

There is surely a decent place to have dinner in Highland Park?? I just bought a house and have been working all day. Looking to find something good to eat tonight. Any recommendations??


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  1. Welcome to the hood! There are quite a few postings on good places to eat in Highland Park, if you do a search. Sorry, I just can't remember the names of the places that have gotten good reviews here, except the fairly new El Metate on Figueroa near ave. 54, it got lots of raves, but I find their food to contain a little too much animal fat for me.

    1. Hope you like mexican food, otherwise you'll have to go for a drive.

      The tiny El Metate (5305 N. Figueroa St, across the street from the building with the lions on top) is much beloved. I'm still pushing the potato tacos at El Atacor #11, near the corner of Ave 26 and Figueroa; apparently the burritos are good there too. Chico's, the yellow building at the corner of Ave 50 and Figueroa, is more of a sit-down place; whatever you get, order the guacamole too.

      There are several places on York Ave. headed towards Eagle Rock that are decent. Huaraches Azteca is one of the better ones. There's a Thai Place around Ave 46 or so that's better than you'd expect given the location.

      If you go into Eagle Rock proper, there's more diversity of choices (Cafe Beaujoulais, Blue Hen Vietnamese, a few more Thai joints, and Casa Bianca, which I hate but a lot of people luuuuuv.)

      Good luck, and welcome to the 'hood.

      1. Welcome! You'll love it here.

        I agree with the assessment of El Metate (5305 N Figueroa), but their enchiladas are A+.
        Here's a fewq to get you started:
        Chico's Ave. 50 & Fig.
        Antojitos Guerrero 5623 York Blvd
        Casa Bianca Pizza Pie on Colorado in Eagle Rock
        Dave's Chillin-N-Grillin 2152 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock
        La Abeja on Fig @ Ave 39ish (breakfast & lunch only)
        Polka 4112 Verdugo Rd
        Restaurant Y Pupuseria La Arca 5570 N Figueroa St
        SeƱor Fish on Eagle Rock Blvd.
        El Arco Iris on York

        1. For a Monday night, after a long day. We love Colombo's Italian Steakhouse. They have a jazz jam tonight so it is a bit loud but fun. The Burger is great, the steak is good, the Lasagna is different (it comes in little rolls) but yummy. The drinks are strong and good. The place has been their forever and feels real neighborhoody.

          1833 Colorado Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90041
          (323) 254-9138

          1. Next door to each other at Ave. 57 & Figueroa are Pupuseria La Arca & Folliero's. La Arca has some great, stick to your ribs, basic Salvadorean cooking. I've never seen another gringo there besides myself, I think it's badly overlooked by chow types. Folliero's is pretty ok, I find the dough very bready, but it has many fans on this board. The best thing about the place IMHO is the atmosphere, exposed brick and Thelonius Monk, the best place in the area to see a true cross-section of the neighborhood.
            Las Cazuelas across the street has good pupusas too.

            Another spot rarely mentioned on this board is Mom's tamales on Pasadena Ave. & Ave. 33, which has a nice huevos rancheros/tamale combo for breakfast, and is great enjoyed semi-outdoors on their patio on a sunny weekend morning. Salsas are great and you don't see chicken mole tamales every day.