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No Boil Lasagna Noodles or Fresh Pasta Sheets

I'm making a roasted veggie lasagna and the recipe calls for no boil lasagna noodles. I looked at a Fresh Faire Ralphs and Bristol Farms but neither store carries them. Anyone know where I can find them... I live in the South Bay, so the closer, the better.


Know where I can find fresh pasta sheets, again near the South Bay.


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  1. I've gotten them at Gelsons (Ronzoni, DeFino) and probably at regular Ralphs. This is a pretty standard item - I'm surprised your Ralphs didn't have it.

    1. I saw some no boil lasagna pasta at Pavilions. Try your local Vons/pavilions.

      1. I just used the no boil lasagna sheets last night. The brand was Barilla and purchased at Vons. I actually prefer this pasta to the typical fare because the no boil sheets are much thinner and not as dense.

        1. I purchased fresh pasta sheets at Whole Foods a few months back, and threw them into the freezer for later.

          1. Actually, it turns out that any ordinary lasagna noodle will work in most of these recipes.

            1. Agreed, you may not have realized it but the Barilla lasagna noodles, commonly found in most supermarkets, are no boil. I've definitely seen them at Ralph's in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.

              1. I've gotten fresh lasagna sheets at Trader Joe's.

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                  The trader joe's fresh lasagna pasta is great. I highly recommend

                2. Divine Pasta Co at Cube on La Brea on Melrose has them!


                  1. I tried using no boil noodles (Barilla?) and was incredibly disappointed in the wooden texture and lack of taste. I will never use them again.