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Feb 19, 2007 02:45 PM

Fried Chicken in Calgary

Does anyone have any good suggestions for fried chicken? Now obvioulsy I am not interested in KFC and Yes I am a Calgarian so I have been to Chicken on the Way. Although fine when I was in my 20s and could digest all that grease - I am just past that now.

No, what I am looking for is real fried chicken, southern fried chicken or even spicy fried chicken. The kind that you would get on long trips in the United States from road side stands. My husband and I took nine days and drove across the states one year and we lived on roadside chicken in our cooler. On a cross Canada tour you had to bring your own food because it was too far between towns but in the US we found a local drive through that sold fried chicken in just about every town.

Any suggestions or do I have to cook it myself?

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  1. Ain't gonna happen. Be satisfied that you cannot get poutine or butter tarts anywhere in the states and move on.

    Incidentally- I emigrated from the US in 1997 after spending the first 33 years of my life there, in the west, midwest and south (including the "deep" south) and never once, ever, ever, saw or ate at roadside fried chicken stands. Never. So I'm amazed that you'd discover this ubiquitous delicacy on a nine-day trip that I never witnessed in 33 years.

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      There's no butter tarts in the US? Really? Is it a Canadian item only?

      1. re: Shazam

        Sad but true. I've been in Canada for 3 years (lived in Alabama, Florida, Texas & Louisiana before that) and they're one of my favorite Canadian things. Butter tarts are yummy!

        1. re: Merry113

          Butter tarts remind me of Chess Pie, but I never had that from a store, nothing like butter tarts that you can get on every corner here.

          I also never saw nanaimo bars before I moved up here!

          1. re: John Manzo

            Of interest, I saw both Nanamio Bars & Poutine at Bigfoot Resturant in Memphis TN. They even were using Cheese Curds. Granted, the Owner is a Canadian.

    2. We started in Maine and drove through Vermont, New York State, Pennsylvania and then up to Chicago. Then we drove to Rushmore in South Dakota and from there to Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. From there it was straight north to Calgary. I guess it is an east, mideast and north delicacy!

      The thing I remember most about this trip was living off fried chicken for days and all the little flea market and antique shops that we stopped at. I couldn't buy a lot but I did manage to fit an amazing amount into our Honda Accord!

      1. The only thing that comes close to what you are looking for is the Crispy Cracklin' chicken at Brava Bistro. It is excellent. Outside Drumheller there is a soft serve ice cream place that uses pressure cookers to make their fried chicken...I haven't been there in years but it was a blue and white place (Drumheller is small) and their chicken was to die for! Cheers.

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          $26 for fried chicken? It's a whole bucket, right?

        2. Thanks for the suggestion. Even though I live really close, I haven't been to Brava Bistro in a while. I will definately check out the chicken next time I go. I think you might be right about the pressure cooker method too! Drumheller is not on my usual route though. If anyone has anymore information that would be helpful.

          1. Well there is always the Calgary institution...Chicken on the Way in Kensington. It's greasy, salty, and completely unhealthy...but not bad. I crave their corn fritters with honey quite often...but I a sick bastard! LOL