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Feb 19, 2007 02:19 PM

AUSTIN - Large Group (50-60 ppl) Dining

Hey Chowhounds,

I've searched through the old posts but can't find a restaurant to fit what I'm looking for. I'm having a get together of about 50-60 college students (aged 18-21).

Restaurants that I have already considered are The County Line, Buca di Beppo, Rudy's, The Salt Lick, Z'tejas, Iron Works, and Matt's El Rancho. Some of these were crossed off the list due to inability to seat such a large group, a minimum $$ required that was beyond our budget, too far, or unpopularity of cuisine.

I'm shooting for ~$10-15/person. We're going for pretty common cuisines, such as BBQ, Italian, American etc. Mexican/Tex-Mex doesn't seem to be too popular, but I'd definetly still appreciate suggestions that fall into that category. I'd like to keep the drive time from UT campus to ~20 minutes. This is not a requirement, but it would be a huge plus if the restaurant is native to Austin (half the group will be freshman students that are relatively new to the area).

Thanks in advance for your help and/or suggestions!

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  1. Last year we had my son's U.T. graduation party for around 40 or so at Dona Emilia's. I had never been there before but they did a great job--service, food, drinks were all first rate. We would have another such function there in a heartbeat. Here is the link:

    1. I remember a few years back that my Aunt had a post-wedding brunch at Juan in a Million. They had an annex that could hold a pretty good number of people. I do believe they rent it out, or could at least sit that many people. Try giving them a call. I'm sure Juan Meza would be happy to help you out if he can.

      1. Based upon the low price per head, the age group, and the large number of people, you might try:

        - Double Dave's Pizza on Duval

        - Iron Cactus on 6th St (has private rooms)

        - Poke E Jo's BBQ on 5th St

        - Habana Calle on 6th St (has private room with full bar)

        - Clay Pit on Guadalupe (has private room)

        The Salt Lick would serve a crowd that size without batting an eyelid, but of course you'd all have to drive out there. Oh, and make sure it's not during SXSW or everywhere will be full.

        1. Whatever you do, do NOT go to Buca di Beppo. I've had the displeasure three times, in three different cities, and the food is uniformly awful. I cannot imagine how that chain stays afloat.