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Feb 19, 2007 02:15 PM

Meet me in Queens Need Food

LI and city folk want to meet halfway, suggested restaurants include:
TLK cafe in Flushing
Jackson Diner
or Greek in LIC /Astoria like Telly's taverna

Never been to any of these? Any locals have any recommendations.Thanks

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  1. I'm not sure if I would recommend any of those places based on what I've read on this board (and I've never heard of TLK or Abbreciamento). If you want Chinese in Flushing check out Spicy and Tasty, Little Pepper or Waterfront International. I don't know about Indian but I don't think Jackson Diner has had a good rep here for a long time. For Greek in Astoria I would recommend Agnanti, my experiences there have been top notch. If you want a place that specializes in Fish (although Agnanti has plenty of it), Taverna Kyclades is good. There is a also a new Greek Taverna (good grilled meats and fish) on 30th ave called Ovelia (34th street) which I think is a great addition to the neighborhood. You can read all about these places in more detail by searching for them on the board. Good luck!

    1. Pio Pio on Northern Blvd in Jackson Heights would be good, except for a weekend, they are insane there...sit in the big room not the front room....also, obviously Sripiphrai iin Woodside for Thai food also avoid weekends, and they are closed on Wednesdays...Spicy and Tasty in Flushing is very good, but also avoid weekends...and if they're parking, tell them there's a municipal lot up the street from Spicy and Tasty...For Astoria, there are many raves for Italian, L'Incontro (i've never been) and they have valet parking..any of those choices are good, the Italian one being the most expensive, and the others very reasonable...Also, La Tavernetta in Glendale, I love, but it's tiny, so, not sure if that would be good or could also try the DB Wine Bar on Metrop that's got some good raves a bit more specific as to price, cuisine, etc, and I'm sure you'll get some more suggestions....

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