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Dallas - Painful Luqa Experience

nachomamma Feb 19, 2007 02:01 PM

We dined at Luqa on Saturday night, and it was a painful experience. When we arrived for our 8:15 reservation, we were initially ignored, even though there were three employees at the host stand. Once our presence was acknowledged, they stated that we would be seated in just a few minutes. After waiting ten minutes, they told us it would be another 10-15 minutes until our table was ready. We decided to head upstairs to the Petrus Lounge to have a drink while we waited.

Bar service was prompt and friendly. We got a glass of wine and waited. And waited. It was after 9pm when we told a random cocktail waitress that we had been waiting for our table for almost an hour. She immediately found a hostess to take us to our table. The five course tasting menu was pushed hard by our hostess and waiter. Prices were not listed on the menu for the five course or the eight course blind tasting menu. I found their wine list to be devoid of depth, originality, and reasonable pricing.

We ordered the duck spring rolls to start. The orange cranberry-apple chutney that accompanied the dish was tasty, but the duck was dry, and the rolls were room temperature. My dinner companion ordered the monkfish which she deemed as "just ok". I had the filet; it was perfectly cooked, but the dish as a whole was uninspiring. Getting another round of wine was also quite challenging. Our glasses sat empty for ten minutes before we were finally able to flag down a manager. We were served a pre-dessert of fresh strawberries and black pepper. It was an interesting mix of flavors but not one I'm likely to want to eat again. We opted not to wait another 30 minutes for dessert.

Service throughout the evening was painfully slow; two courses took us almost two hours (not including the hour wait). Our waiter never once acknowledged or apologized. The couple next to us apparently got so fed up that they left halfway through their meal. The waitstaff didn't even seem to notice because they served their entrees to an empty table.

As we were paying the tab, the manager came by and was very unpleasant. He said he comped our drinks and our appetizer, and he wanted to make sure we knew it. We were so ready to leave we didn't even notice it. And it was certainly never mentioned by our waiter. The manager never apologized for the poor service; his attitude was defensive and borderline rude. Sorry, I just can't think of any positive aspects of our experience. Although, my friend said she had the bison burger at Petrus Lounge and it was fantastic.

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  1. Scagnetti RE: nachomamma Feb 20, 2007 05:49 AM

    It is very disheartening to go to a high end restaurant, pay good money, and have this kind of poor experience. There is just no excuse for it.

    Thank you for a thorough and enlightening review.

    1. adkim RE: nachomamma Feb 20, 2007 07:40 AM

      "The couple next to us apparently got so fed up that they left halfway through their meal. The waitstaff didn't even seem to notice because they served their entrees to an empty table."

      Wow. I find that very comical, but in a tragic way.

      1. s
        soapgirl RE: nachomamma Feb 20, 2007 07:58 AM

        How disappointing. What is the point of having a reservation if it's not a real reservation? Our experience was better, but we arrived a lot earlier, when they were not busy yet. We also had trouble getting the sommelier’s attention, which is frustrating in the middle of your meal. Too bad... :o(

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