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Feb 19, 2007 01:49 PM

Good Italian on long island is a myth!

I have just spent two hours trying to find a single good Italian restaurant in Nassau County, and I've come to the conclusion that it just might not exist. I grew up on LI and have lived in Manhattan for the last 10 years. I must be spoled because everytime I try an LI Italian restaurant, it's garbage. Overcooked pasta, tangy tomato sauce with a scoop of sugar added, soggy eggplant, 8 inch think veal milanese... that about sums up my opinion and experience.

After speaking to everyone I know to try and find a good place for this weekend, I have made zero progress and I think I know why - because LI restaurants mostly stink. If anyone knows something that I don't, please opine.

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  1. Pasta Pasta and Nocello? These are two I've heard about from friends on Long Island.

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      If you're talking about Nocello in Northport, I wouldn't go within 1 mile of that place. It's old school "continental" without the decent food or good service.

    2. How about Guilio Cesare?

      1. Try 18 Bay in Bayville. One of the chefs is ex-Batali and the food is very refined.

        Also, Luigi Q in Hicksville looks like a regular Long Island restaurant, but the owner is from Puglia and will, upon request, cook real Italian food.

        1. If your looking for something, lets say, Babbo-ish on LI, ain't gonna happen. Having said that, a few places I think are decent are Stressa in Manhasset, Rialto in Carle Place, Dodici and Dario in RVC and Lucca in Bellmore. IMHO.

          1. Get out of LI proper just a few miles and go to Douglaston, Queens which isn't far from Great Neck area. Go to Il Tuscano. You won't be disappointed.