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Feb 19, 2007 01:48 PM

Dining Alone

I have been to New York many times, usually part of the trip alone. I will be out this spring, the whole trip alone. In the past, I have saved upscale dining-Jean Georges, etc. for the part of the trip when others are there. I don't want to come to NY without experiencing some upscale dining, but will they hate me for taking up a table in an upscale establishment for one?

I have dined at 21 club and a few others of this caliber alone, and it was fine. What do you think?

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  1. If you feel comfortable dining solo at a table, I think most upscale restaurants would have no problem with it. Of course, dining at the bar is an excellent way to go when you are alone, and many upscale places have that option.

    1. I have travelled all over the world alone and prefer to dine at the bar. You always meet interesting people and if the bartender has a personality it can be alot of fun. It can also be easier to get seated at the more upscale restaurants since you don't need a reservation to dine at the bar, just some good luck. Union Square started this approach many years ago. Of course, it's up to your personal preference.

      1. when dining solo, i prefer eating at the bar. i aim for a seat at the end of the bar (left, right, doesn't matter). i can chat with the bartender, neighbors, or not. it's a relief not to put up with the perceived fussiness of a waiter dealing with a single at a table - way too much goofy interaction in my opinion.

        1. I like to diner alone at Babbo at the bar, great people watching and of course the food is amazing. No need for reservations either.

          1. i dined at the bar at cru alone and i had a great experiance.