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Old Bay Seasoning available in dwtn To?

I keep hearing about this stuff and want to try it -- my reg sources of Cheese Boutique, Rabba, Reither's Cumbraes and SLM don't seem to have it. Anyone seen it?

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  1. I believe you can get it at Scheffler's at St. Lawrence Market.

    1. orange wasabi, try calling Tree of Life foods in TO 1-800-263-7054, they are the distributors of Old Bay they can either give you an idea if you tell them what stores you shop at, or they will refer you to the rep for your area, I admit I am a rep for this company, and can tell you it is not listed at any of the major chains, but independant markets, and chains that are exclusive to the GTA may have it.
      Good luck, and have you tried Old Bay on popcorn? Yum!

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        well get going then and get it listed, there's demand, apparently ;-)

        on popcorn is definately of the ways I want to try it. thanks for offering your inside info

      2. If you know anyone that is going "cross the border" it is readily available at amost any grocery store in US. (Even the small ones near the NB/Maine border)

        1. I bought mine at Pisces Gourmet Seafood Specialty Shop on Yonge, south of Summerhill.

          1. I think all of the fish mongers at teh St. Lawrence market sell it. I bought mine at one of them.

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              DOH! I never thought to look at the fish vendors at SLM! good idea -- I'll try that next

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                They definitely sell it at Mike's Fish Market at St. Lawrence (I happened to notice it next to the cash register on the north side of the stall on saturday.).

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                They have it at SeaFront too, on a shelf behind the counter.

                Toss Old Bay with oven frites - delish!

              3. I have seen Old Bay in the seafood section of the Dominion at Bayview & Eglinton. You may be able to find it at the Dominion on Front Street.

                1. I'm pretty sure the Dominion at King and Dufferin sells it, as does Domino's in St. Lawrence Market South (basement, NW corner, check near the bulk herb section).

                  1. Definitely available at some if not most Dominion STores

                    1. Old Bay also makes for an excellent cajun caesar--rim the glass with Old Bay, mix your caesar with chipotle tabasco, garnish with a spoonful of horseradish and some pickled green beans and okra. Laisse le bon temps roulez...and happy Mardi Gras y'all...

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                        I got mine at Cajun Corner on Queen E.

                      2. I purchased some at St. Lawrence Market in Feb 2014. The major fish vendors ALL sell it .. and it's visible. It's 3.49-3.99 for the small little tin / container. Even a spice store on the lower level sells it.

                        I asked one of the fish vendors why they sell it, and he indicated that it is so popular.

                        1. Longo's has it for sale in the spice section.