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Feb 19, 2007 01:40 PM

Bacon, coconut and peanut pasta: dream or..?

Several years ago, my university cafeteria--which was actually excellent--opened a pasta bar that had a "pasta of the day." Every Thursday they'd make a glorious concoction that I remember containing bacon (definitely), coconuts (shredded? milk? condensed?) and some sort of peanut butter-esqe substance that I usually requested be left out, as well as other ingredients I have entirely forgotten. I grew tired of it sophomore year, craved it again senior year; the chefs had ceased to make it, and did not recall the recipe.

In the years since graduation I've attempted to replicate this dish with mild success, but the results still feel lacking. Have you ever encountered a recipe (I've searched far and wide) using similar ingredients (with the possibility of there being several other key additions I've forgotten)? Or, if you were going to combine these ingredients into any sort of dish, how would you do it?

In the event this rings a bell, the university catering service was Aramark.

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