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Feb 19, 2007 01:20 PM

Mardi Gras in Boston?

Are there any good restaurants or bars for mardi gras in Boston? I can't think of a single creole/cajun/NO restaurant here, but maybe Brazillian or Mexican?

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  1. What about Magnolia's Southern Cuisine? Are they still open - Home page doesn't work, but the menu/directions/About Us pages work. Not sure if they're doing anything for Mardi Gras, however.

    1. Bob's has a Fat Tuesday buffet with the usual suspects - jambalaya, etouffee, king cake, etc. The headline is music -- Charles Neville from New Orleans is playing.

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      1. re: Bob MacAdoo

        Did this last year, had a blast and going this year too.

      2. These are both great suggestions, Magnolia's has some competition with ECG but look good I'll have to go there, Bob's sounds like the place to be for Mardi Gras. Thanks!

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          A few of us have said this before, but Magnolia's is undeservedly overlooked. I think it's quite tasty for a good price and you can usually get a table pretty easily.

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            I'd call Magnolia's, they usually have a Mardi Gras specific menu. Plus they have Abita!

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              Better call Magnolia's or ECG. My colleague just tried to make a reservation at Bob's but they are SRO ...

          2. Most of the Brazilian Carnaval events were this past weekend. For whatever reason there is a carnaval event on thursday at Underbar after carnaval closes in Brazil (in Brazil this would be called a ressaca de carnaval or carnaval hangover). There also are some "carnaval fora da epoca" (out of season carnaval events) dates starting toward the end of April (some of them free if you pick up a ticket first). To my knowledge the extent of chow at these events might be a fruit and cheese table, perhaps some salgadinhos. Further details are probably off topic, but find a brazilian newspaper or ask in a brazilian restaurant.

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              Ryles does have a Brazilian carnival event post-carnival on Wednesday. Much better chow to be had at Muqueca, Magnolia's, Druid, etc. Or go to Sugar Bar at Cafe Belo tonight and watch the real thing on Globo, while having a "porcao" and beer. Also bostonzydeco appears to be down, but there might be a Mardi Gras event this weekend think chow is potluck but check when it comes back up.

            2. I believe Red Bones is doing a fried foods dinner for Mardi Gras tonight- good luck!