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Feb 19, 2007 01:00 PM

Durkee Famous Sauce redux - An American Cult Classic Since 1857

If redux means the last post was in 2004.

While I doubt the sauce has changed, the above was more of what do do with it ... though the suggestion of mixing it with butter for popcorn has me interested.

My question is should I try it? Is it that delicous? For a small 10oz jar it is a little over $4 at a local market.

I know it is just mustard and mayo ... which makes me question the price ... but according to some people Durkee takes these two lowly ingrediants and somehow creates magic in a jar.

The title is from the Durkee site which claims that Mary bought it for Abe Lincoln's snacking pleasure. They claim the pioneers carried it westward with discarded Durkee's bottles found along covered wagon trails.

For $2, I would have bought it ... but $4 for a small jar of mustard and mayo ...

So hype ... or hyper-delicious?

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    1. Cool. $4 more for good stuff.

      1. I have used a bottle. It was fine, but not special enough to buy another. I have bought other spice mayos, such as dijonaise, and a line that Frenches made, but haven't done a side by side comparison. More often I just doctor up a bit of plain mayo to suit the occasion.


        1. It's the only way I make deviled eggs (of course I am from texas) It is definitely not just mustard and's delicious!

          1. I have been a regular Durkees user since I was a child, (40 plus years).
            Is it great? No. But do I crave it sometimes? Sure. I love it on a turkey sandwich, but my favorite use is as a dipping sauce for french fries.
            I have noticed a consistancy change in the last few years, it is thicker than it used to be.
            Anyone else notice this?

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            1. re: Tee

              Yes. The consistency is much thicker now than it used to be. Still good stuff, though, and I think I usually see it priced around two bucks a jar. Good on most any kind of beef sandwich, including burgers.


              1. re: Jim Washburn

                I agree on the burger application, good on dogs too.
                BTW I liked the thinner consistancy better, did you?

                1. re: Tee

                  Yes, I did like the thinner consistency better.