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Feb 19, 2007 12:41 PM

deep fried dogs? central region - inland or coastal

i'll admit, i've never been overly concerned with FL's lack of hot dog expertise -- probably because i really only liked my dogs chargrilled or split and pan-fried well-done, and most areas up north that are considered dog experts either boil or steam them. hence, most of the so-called best dog joints in FL cater to people who like steamed or boiled dogs.

but then i saw a TV show that featured a 'ripper' and a 'cremator' from rutt's hut in jersey. i was like, YES!!!! why didn't i ever think of that??!!

i started perusing the web looking for a spot that could provide me with one of these heart clogging wonders in central FL, but to no avail.

you would think that with all of the deep frying we do here in FL there would be someone who might think of throwing in a hot dog?!!

only place i saw was in sarasota called the salty dog and they batter their version, so that's more like a corn dog.

i was thinking of just attempting it myself here at home til i read the problems someone else was having recreating the ripper. a chow boards regular (hotdoglover) has just posted a recent bit in this thread which explains that there actually is some method behind the marvelous madness of perfecting this deep fried treat. (particular brand of dog)

has anyone ever been to a place in FL that serves a deep fried dog??

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  1. no, but I bet my husband would love it!
    I have never been a big hot dog fan but then my husband who is a native New Yorker took me to Grey's Papaya and Papaya King last May when we were in the city. OMG I think I could eat one of those dogs daily!

    1. Sorry, I can't help with the fried dog -- never heard of that! But hey, you can fry anything, especially at a county fair (I recommend going farther north in the state if you can. . .).

      I can recommend a great Sabrett dog that isn't boiled or steamed, at Frank N Stein's in Stuart. Like the name suggests, they specialize in mugs of beer and dogs cooked on a diner-type flat grill (IIRC). Chili cheese fries and strange characters at the bar. By the railroad tracks, hang a right just after you get off the Roosevelt Bridge heading north to Jensen Beach.

      1. I could swear that I saw a bit about rippers on Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" show. I've searched a bit without finding any refernces to it, but now, doggone it, I have to see for myself. It runs at 9 p.n. tonight.

        Can't be that hard to find a restauant in Central Florida with both deep fryer and hot dogs -- hopefully a brand name like Vienna -- and have them try it. What do you have to lose?


        1. Just north of Edenburgh, IN is the Curly Dog. A hotdog slashed and curled and deep fried. Served on a hamburger bun with what is like tartare sauce. Once was enough.

          1. I am from North Jersey where the deep fried hot dog was invented and in my opionion is the est hot dog in the world. It is the only hot dog that is truly unique. I now live in south florida where you cannot get your hands on them. ack in the early 90's a guy opened a Johhny & Hanges which is one of the famous joints in Jersey. It was in Pompano, ut closed after only aout a year. Whenever I go ack up north, I always make it a point to get my dog fix. You can't just fry any old hot dog. They do use a special hot dog for this. Going to your local grocery store and getting a pack of hot dogs and dropping them into a fryer will not do it justice. The other thing is the chili sauce. It's not the chili with meat and eans. More like a chili from Cincinnati if you've ever had it. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to go to north jersey, make sure you get yourself a real treat and get a deep fried dog. Any other dog is just another dog.