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Feb 19, 2007 12:35 PM

A winter visit to Cape Cod - good or no good?

I believe that there are accomodations still open on the Cape during this time of year but what about dining? The area of interest is Dennisport. Never been there and won't fight the summer crowds but I don't want to waste the time if it will be a waste food-wise.

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  1. Some of the clam shacks close, but there are many good restuarnts operating year round. I can't specify dennisport but Chatham, Harwich, Ptown and Hyannis are bustling metropolises.

    1. Orleans, which is not too far up the road from Dennisport, has a number of restaurants that are open year round. Abba and The Beacon are great choices, and don't miss a stop at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow for coffee, tea or a treat. If headed up that way, check out Skaket (bay) or Nauset (ocean) Beach for a peak at the wintery landscapes.

      1. Thanks, it sounds good enough to make a winter trip an adventure which is my usual goal.