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Feb 19, 2007 12:35 PM

Dining Alone in Vancouver

I'm going to be in Vancouver on business next week, and I have a few potential lunch spots picked out. I was wondering if any of these would be particularly great for a solo diner (or, conversely, particularly bad for a solo diner):

-Gyoza King

Also, have I missed any must-try lunch spots? And, which of the above do you prefer?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Go Fish.
    At the government wharf beside Granville Island just off 1st St in Kitts. It is the quintessential Vancouver lunch - NO food experience.
    It's owned by Gord of Bin 941. Have lunch then stroll Grranville Island. Perfect
    Da Cook

    1. Thanks, Da Cook, but isn't Go Fish an outside-only place? I'd love to try it, but the forecast is for pouring rain next week -- are there any indoor spots nearby where I could sit and eat?

      1. You know, we have saying out here: People move to Vancouver for the climate and leave because of the weather. Go Fish is not to be missed, for any reason.
        Well, my next choice would be Tokos at 7th & Columbia has excellent Pan Asian too, their Laksa Noodles rival any I've found in a Richmond Food Court, their Sichuan Green Beans are legendary and they stock & serve a huge selection of Premium Teas served in pretty little pots with thermos' of hot water on the side. You could also track down the Flying Tiger on West 4th for some Asian Street Food inspired lunches or the Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Co. for some very credible Pizza. Just Opened on Arbutus is FAS (Finest At Sea) Seafood. It's a seafood cafe and fish store. They own their own boats, catch and wholesale their own fish and now retail it too.
        Da Cook

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          Flying Tiger is only open for Dinner, but I highly recommend going there for dinner. I often eat there alone. Sit at the bar over looking the kitchen and chat to the chefs.

        2. On your list you MUST try - Guu, Gyoza King or Zakkushi. However I would try all 3! Do Guu for dinner one night and sit up at the bar. Zakkushi and Gyoza King are open weekends for lunch.

          Rangoli is a great option as well.

          1. Thanks for the advice, JWh and Da Cook! I can't wait to get out West.