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Feb 19, 2007 12:19 PM

Soul food in southern CT

I'm working in the bridgeport area and have been craving shrimp and grits, smothered porkchops, etc. any ideas?

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  1. Sandra's Place
    Congress Avenue New Haven

    1. Miss Thelma's Soul Food on Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport

      1. I agree, Miss Thelma's is a good bet for good but not fancy comfort food. They have a buffet Sunday after 1pm (I think also on Fri night). Can't overlook Cracker Barrel in Milford off I-95. It's a chain but they have good food for very reasonable price.

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          Maybe it's just me, but regardless of the faults or assets of the Cracker Barrel chain, I really, really don't consider it a soul food outlet.

        2. We also like Jeff's Cuisine in Norwalk for his fried chicken. Anyone know of any other places closer to Greenwich? We've been to Yvonne's in Pelham, Sylvia's & Amy Ruth's in Harlem. Fav so far is Amy Ruth's.

          1. Sandra's Place also has a BYOB on Whitney Avenue in New Haven. It's a bit fancy. The last time I was there I did not have a good experience with the service, but the fried catfish was divine.

            If you want a great takeout place, try Southern Hospitality Soul Food on Whalley Avenue in New Haven. It's a hole in the wall that's got real homemade cooking. Excellent fried chicken, chopped BBQ, collards with turkey wings. I also LOVE the pineapple and coconut layer cake. The place has a couple of tables to eat at, but you might do better to make a picnic in nearby Edgewood Park.